Geeks or not?

Which of the following if any do you wear?

  • Braces
  • Glasses
  • Pocket Protector
  • None
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I’m basing this purely on sterotypes as you can see. They are kind of old sterotypes considering that so many people have braces now, but oh well.

You CAN vote for multiple things you know. <___<;;

Deletes some stuff

None. I’m heal…thy… if not having to wear any of those is your (something) of being healthy. :stuck_out_tongue:

None of them.

Though I am an uber-computer geek nonetheless, and I’m proud!

I have braces, so, I’m a nerd I suppose, too bad I only get 70%s in school…

Since the nerd/geek/dork distinguishing is non-existant in our sterotypical society, I came up with my own definitions for each term:

Geek- An “unpopular” person who is interested in fantasy or science-fiction. Usually gets together with other geeks and sometimes goes to large scale conventions which hints to a more stable social life.

Nerd- A “very unpopular” person who is interested in fantasy or science-fiction. Is very knowledgable in academics or the subject (fantasy, etc.) at hand. Is solitary, not meeting up with other geeks or nerds very often.

Dork- A “very unpopular” person who is interested in fantasy or science-fiction. Is not very knowledgable and does not get together with or get long with other geeks or nerds, making them at the “bottom of the food chain.”

Of course, knowledge of technology can fit anywhere in there. I’m guessing that most people here are either interested in the P2D project or are geeks. I consider myself a nerd then, but hell, I’m still smart XP

Discrimination is impossible… when you say “discrimination”, you are discriminating against someone who discriminates. That defeats the purpose.

I do not wear any of those.

At my school, nerd/geek/dork is defined as:

Geek - Someone really good with computer stuff. “Really good” in this case is relative. Can be a nerd OR a dork.

Nerd - Someone who talks about schoolwork when not in class, really worries about definitions and learning. Not socially active. Can be a geek, but NOT a dork.

Dork - Someone who screws around and doesn’t do work. Can be socially active. Can be a geek, but NOT a nerd.

I’m a geek/dork. :smiley:>

Er, ya I’m one of the cool kids at my school, used to be unpopular, but never a nerd/geek/dorkus malorkus. I play video games and know the computer… really well. And I also like fantacy/sci-fi because it’s interesting, but I’m still not a nerd… maybe I live two seperate lives? I get good marks at school, and still, I’m “popular”… strange? Not strange? You decide. :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT: I’m also active in many sports, so I’m fit, and I play a lot of music; piano, guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, trombone.

My friend plays the trombone. Are you by chance in a marching band or will you be? I was, but I won’t be next year. I really don’t know how to define myself, because I get along fine with everyone at school.

Yeah, I guess I fit into dork, I’m somewhat smart and do well on tests and stuff, but I don’t care about homwork very much which drops my mark quite a bit. I’m lazy, I don’t do homework I am unpopular, I do, however, have a close group of friends most of which are not geeks, nerds or dorks. I suppose I would be one of those typical dorks/ geeks which most groups are home to. I am intrested in the computer but I don’t know what the parts are. Yeah, I’m one of THOSE geeks.

heh, does anyone know the REAL meaning of dork?

anyway, i seem to be about the same as got metroid. i COULD do well, its just too boring.

Look guys, you’re on the forum for a fan made game. I’m pretty sure most if not all of you guys know how to make a fan game. Nerd? Yes! Proud? Also yes! I know how to program and I’m proud. I like video games and I’m proud. But guess what? I’m not that unpopular. The people in school teach so much about acceptance that the line between nerd and cool is non-existant here. If you’re smart you actually earn respect.

not really… im smart and a nerd, but im still not popular. it depends on your personality



My glasses makes me look smart (IQ 139 + the glasses = Andreas the sexbomb :unamused:). I only use them when I drive my car.

I’m not a nerd, but you know… knowledge is power. So I like to learn new things.

glasses…its not my fault[its passed thru generations]

i guess im one of those. definatly not nerd, seeing as my marks are failing to get me past grade 10. I am the only one in my family who doesnt whear glasses, probly because I am also the only non smoker.

^where are u from…and the smokers?