Gears of War

OMG this game is good. not as good as halo but still. you guys that havent play it should check it out.

Z…O…M…G… so much kids from my school is playing it…

hehe, 3 days till my b-day, which means a possible 360, which of course means…

anywho, is it like re4?

It is a “tactical shooter”

Take cover, wait, shoot, take cover, reload, start the chainsaw, bury it in a locust…

It is more fun than it sounds and you can even play the story with a friend on XBL if you want.
The graphics are superb and the control even better. I really love this game.

I’m too busy to play Gears of War, I pre-ordered halo 3 and just picked up the other two halos for my new 360 from my aunt in Germany for my B-Day (stupid shipping company don’t know how to deliver something on time, rather than almost 2 months late).


its not really that tactical though. well ok, it is, but its still fast paced, like halo. the story could use some work :angry:

Try playing it at the harder difficulties. You need to take cover, use the “blind fire” and use the “fast reload”. If you don’t, you will die.

If anyone want to kill me online, just give me a PM.

Yeah, Ididn’t like how nothing was said about the story besides “14 Years after E day”. It was a fun game, I beat it already. Co-op is my favorite on the game, me and my brother can beat it in just a few hours, and we can beat the last boss in a matter of minutes.

Here is a question though, which one is better, Gears of War or Resistance: Fall of AMn?

Gears of War.

Resistance: Fall of Man feels like an old PS2-WW2 game with new graphics, weapons dumb aliens and bad design.

I thought of RFM to be a bad Halo spinoff myself>_>. Regardless I won’t play it cause i don’t wanna spend $800 Canadian on a PS2 with suped up graphics and a blu-ray drive>_>. I did also rent Gears of War ,cause I beat the halos, and it’s friggin fun, I’m probably gonna go trade in my PC version of Halo at EB for it.

dude, i blind fire and fast reload all the time.