Gathering a Team

Okay, now. I know I have posted many of my games and have never finished them, but I think the reason is because I am always trying to make a game myself. Doing that, I work on the challenging parts myself first and then I do the other boring stuff and never want to finish. I like a challenge when it comes to programming a new game. Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that in order for me to finish a good game, I’ll need a team. If I had other people doing certain parts of the game, I’d actually want to finish what I have to do. Now of course, I will do most of the work, or at least a lot of it, but I will need a group of people to help. I would like to be the lead programmer, but a list of the open places are below. If you plan on helping me, post what you would like to do here and I will put your name in the position in the list. Also, be sure to post your abilities in game - making and any success that you may have had. If you want to help, but don’t think you will be able to put time into a game, and may want to leave the team sooner, don’t post here until you’ve thought it through.

My idea for the game: A Metroid Fan game, of course, but with an original storyline. I want to use some custom sprites and sprites from Zero Mission and maybe Fusion and Super Metroid.

Crew List:

Lead Programmer:

Secondary Programmer:
Place Open

Sprite Collector:
Place Open

Sprite Creator:
Place Open

Secondary Sprite Collector/Audio Collector:
Place Open

Place Open
Place Open

Place Open
Place Open

If you can help with anything else, let me know in this thread. Thanks a lot guys. Please join the team.

So you’re using rips and edits, have no story whatsoever, have no work actually done yet to show us what we’d be signing up for, and are asking for 10 or so people to help.

We have a sticky about this kind of thing for a reason.

Incidentally, we also have rules about sig limits for a reason.

For someone who’s been here since July, you’d think you’d have known both of those by now.

I’ll not lock this yet since you at least sound like you’re willing to do a fair share of the work for once, but if you don’t get some actual content ready to show soon, this is going the way of all three thousand other “HAY LETS MAEK A GAME I NEED PPL 2 DO EVERYTING SINCE I HAV NUTHING YET” threads.

Also, 16-bit and 32-bit Metroid sprites do not go together. Even if they did have similar shading, proportions, angles, outline styles, and saturations–which they don’t–ZM/Fusion’s are about 2/3 the size of SM’s anyway.

I wasn’t planning on using many of the sprites from SM, maybe just get ideas off of them, etc/Use background sprites/sound effects mainly. Some music I may make myself. I am sorry that this thread does not meet your needs, but I am a very good programmer and people will hopefully expect great from me.

About the sig limit: In your ACP you should set a character limit for the sigs, that way no one disobeys your rules. And I know this doesn’t help me much, I’ve been here longer than July. I used to be registered as AnimationBoy. If you want, you can view my old threads under that name, which I no longer use. As you can see any of the games I did not finish were OKAY at least. I have greatly improved.

And thanks for not locking this and giving me a chance. I will soon prove to you that this game will be good for once. All I need is a story to build from and you will be impressed. :smiley:

here’s the musicans…(my current work:metroid excusion at mhq… if you want to see an example)

Morejatroid - what are you talking about? You want to be a Musician for it?

What language? Not GML again?! runs away from simplicity

I love it ow you can games within 2 days of working on them.

I might help out when I have more info on this.

I would be willing to help if you provide proof of this games existance.

I’m with Dragon on this one.

Alright, yes it will be coded with GML, sorry people. I was thinking about coding it in Flash but changed my mind. I’ll start coding a Samus character and see what you guys think. If you like, cool, if not, well that’s not my fault.

yes, i can make musics

GM is not cut out for full Metroid games.

Agrees with Daz. . .GML SUX

I wouldn’t go that far. It’s a powerful tool, and can make some damn solid games. But the Metroid formula is just too much for it to handle most of the time.

Well what do you recommend then?

Program it from scratch.

Tis a good way of doing it but that does take forever

Well what language should I use?

C is easier but C++ is better I don’t know any others. I’m amateur with C and don’t know the first thing about C++ I do know that if you Google C++ tutorials you should be able to learn it.

i think dragon will say: “TGF!!!”