Gaming Logs

Gaming logs is like posting info about what game you played and how did it went, glitches you find,etc…

Log 1:

Metroid Prime Pinball

I have pwnd Thradus and Omega Pirate, but I lost all my balls on the last boss, I will continue to try again.

Pokemon Emerald
Log 1:
In the battle frontier i caught a sudowoodo.I had do spray the wailmer pail at it.
Log 2:
My pikachu beat a master rank cool contest yesterday.It has a picture in the museum.
Log Off

Metroid 2: RoS
Log 1:
Beat first Metroid
Log 2:
Get bombs
Log 3:
Time for sports physical! Turn off…
Log 4:
Time to play again
Log 5:
Erased data forces restart because of dead save battery
Log 6:
I get taken to the police station because of public disturbance

Ok Log 6 wasn’t true but yea…

Log 1
Im beating metroid zero mission again… i made it to tourian so far

Pokemon Gold:
Log 1:
I got a glitch in Pokemon Gold.I exited ths safari zone.Later on when i made it to a city i saved the game.I went into a house and heard “Ding Dong.”“Time’s Up”.Then i got teleported exiting the safari zone.I was in the award room.The guy who gives the awards said "First place is ??? and he caught a ???.
Second place is @#!$ and he caught a @#!$.Third place is ??? and he caught a ???.Everyone else gets a ???."Then i exited the safari zone and heard “Ding Dong”“Time’s up”.Next i just turned it off and back on and everything was back to normal. :smiley:




Log 664:
Laughs at Timaster
Log 665:
Laughs at APX
Log 666:
Runs with Timaster


Beats Tim and SNIPER into a pulp

ye cannot escape thy dwarf!!!

Boack on topic:

Log 2:

w00t, I found my lost MPH game and it’s safe and sound…

Log 3:

I still hate that noise Samus makes when she’s out of energy,

Log 4:

Judicator,Battlehammer and Volt Driver Aquired.

log 1: while running around as leon, a giant attacked me…again…for the 45th time…dog came…

log 2: dog had something in its mouth…its…a ball…

log 3: i wonder what APX stands for…?..

log 4: scanned APX ball in front of door…found castle…dog sick

log 5: girl becoming annoying…must…kill

log 6: girl…skirt…pevert…must…kill

log 7: 4 dizzy tasty…gold found behind picture…

log 8: …f**king claws…

log 9: …f**king claws…

log 10: merchant…eyes glowing…must…blow up…

log 11: found another merchant…traded in friend merchants glowing eyes and strange ball…gained 1 ptas…

log 12: hand…tasty…

log 13: merchant hands tasty…

log 15: gained back APX ball…threw at zombie…

log 16: zombie tasted good

log 17: …wasn’t zombie…was…girl…need to start game over…

Log 1 Just finished Metroid Zero Mission


think up cool game ideas? in fact, i think im going to make a topic for that!

put metroid fusion in ds, played for ten mins after i already beat years ago, got bored, decided this game doesnt have great replay value

log 2: started playing mp2e after beating 2yrs ago,started a new file to see how fast i could beat the game, after the start of the game i thought "jesus samus stop losing ur god damn powers-its getting really old-other thought…why am i still wearing my shoes…converse all star shoes are the best shoes…yea…but not phat pharms those suck…

i remember those thought perfectly from 2 weeks ago

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