Look, you don’t know me, but oh well. I need help concerning sprites. I have found lots of sprites ripped from Metroid games (I’m attempting to make a game) and they’re not individual sprites. Is there an easier way to get them to be individual other than opening them in Paint, selecting the sprite, making a new document, pasting it in, then editing it in GameMaker? (besides Photoshop, I don’t have it)

You can open the file in GM and load the sprites that way. It’s easiest if all sprites are at a certain distance from each other but it can be done.

I’ve tried that but the sprites are like this:…&c=Samus%20Aran

I’ve tried almost everything, cropping them, cutting them, grr it’s frustrating.

even though this is an old topic, what u do is this: first u go to EDIT SPRITE, then go to file and go to CREATE FROM STRIP, then pick the sprite using the dimensions, then u have it. if u want an animation, then start with CREATE FROM STRIP, then after that, go to ADD FROM STRIP.

Actually, this kind of thing can be taken care of without any image editing at all. Each of those sprite images is on a rectangular grid, so, assuming you’re using GM 6.0 or later, you can import the entire strip as a single sprite image, and then use the draw_sprite_part() function to have the engine automatically select the subimage it needs.

If you can wait until tomorrow, I’ll be able to make a demo for you. I’m putting this functionality in Technocracy (my own commercial game), and it’s early enough in production for me to still feel comfortable handing out the source.

I think u have to be on advanced mode to create from strip, though.

Oh, crap. I completely forgot about that demo. Sorry. :confused:

Technocracy gameplay v0-01.gm6 (30 KB)

All the character’s actions are in scripts, and the part you’re looking for is in “character_handle_draw()”. It refers to the sprite “strip_testchar” in the “actors” folder.

I’ve removed the “blur” object from the room because it uses registered functions. Go ahead and stick it back in if you’re curious as to what it does.

EDIT: Crap. I just realized that the character_handle_draw() script also uses registered functions. Tell me if you’re not registered, and I’ll make a version that shows how it works on-screen.

soo… P2d is made with GM6… i can help, I’ve gotten my share of experance with it (and the regestred version :stuck_out_tongue:) and I might be able to help with some stuff.

I’m just a freshman in highschool, but I still could help do touch ups to the programing, and mabye give ideas for the lv design.

example of something i’ve made (still in work):

like i said, its still in work, I’m working on it right now, its the last compilation with little or no bugs, press 1 or 2 to select chara at the select screen, and sorry about the music, kinda loud.

BTW, arrow keys move, and Z shoots basic shots, C is bomb, or potion.

hey, i know this is an old topic but im really stuck using game maker.
i dunno how to make my char move, all it seems to do it look right and dissapear into the floor if i jump or push right. ne ideas?
its really confusing, i gotta had it to you guys, you know what your doing and your doin a great job just been lookin at the demos

heh, the old floor problem… I tell you that almost everyone who has ever made a platformer has gotten that problem once or twice. and…um… I completely forgot in the last two weeks how to fix that, but I’ll see if I can remember how to fix it.

and you want to just tell me what you did in the movement event thing? There is a certain way that works better then others…

i should probably start another thread for this question but i dont think i will. im pretty new to game maker and are their any recommended tutorials? im stuck with a couple things

Well, that all depends on what kind of game you want to make…

a sidescroller/platformer. whichever means like zero mission

well, if you haven’t already… go to and download the platformer tutorial.

problem. me try that. but this computers gay snd screwed. i install game maker. but it says it doesnt recognize the tutorial. yet my OLD computer works just fine. but its 30 times slower than this. to use tthe new one or the old one? theirs a toughie

Well, I know this is really useless to point out, but… You need to make sure you have acrobat reader to open the tutuorials. Or winzip, if you can’t unzip it. But going on the basis that everyone here should know about that by now…

I don’t have answers for that one… Except maybe I could convert it or something… post the individual pages online, on my site or something.