Gamemaker Help

I just downloaded Gamemaker yesterday, and am just starting on my first game. In this game there are two people, a helicopter and a tank (both sprited badly, but what does it matter?). My game is two player, and involves the helicopter and the tank trying to shoot each other. Because there can only be one health bar at a time, I instead set the health for each thing as a variable. However, when I tried to draw the health variable beneath my helicopter, the helicopter vanished! If you know how to remedy the situation, please respond.
Note: Please have all posts here relevant to the topic. I’d rather not have this topic filled with posts like “I don’t know how to do that. Ask somebody else.”
And to the person who gives me the solution, thanks in advance.

Ah yeah, this got me for a couple weeks after downloading GM for the first time.
Whenever you put any actions in the Draw event of an object, it stops drawing the sprite automatically in order to follow the instructions you give it instead. If you want it to draw its own sprite and something else, you’ll have to put both in the Draw event.

Many thanks to you.
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