Gamemaker Help

I wanted to make “my” Metroid game for a while and then I was floating around the internet and heard about gamemaker. I typed gamemaker and got to yoyogames . com and it brought me straight to a download. I downloaded it, I’m using the “light” version, and I have no idea what the heck I should be doing. As I said…this is metroid styled and all I really need to know is how I could actually make one room. And of course…play around in it. Since I’m going to Egypt in two days there isn’t much I could get done for the whole game. So yeah…help…please :cry:

As with any program, you should just play around with it until you have the basic feel of it.

Surprisingly I tried that, and it didn’t work out to well >_> I don’t expect any tutorial though…

YoYoGames has a few tutorials on the website. They’re really old, from before YoYoG’s time, but I think they’ve been updated to at least work in the latest version of Game Maker.

Some of them will bring you through the basics of making objects and platforms and such. You won’t find yourself making that advanced of a Metroid game any time soon, but GM is an okay place to start.

Yeah, I figured so…>_> thanks though :smiley: