Gamemaker 6 question

I’ve been playing with gamemaker 6 and trying to teach myself how to use it. I’m getting the hang of it, and I just made my first basic game on my own (without the help of tutorials), but there are some things I need to know how to do.

First off,


right now I have it set so that on collision with a certain object, it takes me to the next room, but I have to set a new instance of obj_character in that room. This is a problem since I want to add items and abilities, but right now, if I leave the room where I picked up the sword I loose it.

I also want to set it so that when I open a chest in a room or unlock a door, the door won’t re-lock and the chest fill back up when I leave the room and come back in.

If anyone can help me with this, It would be greatly appreciated. I have more questions to ask later, but this is the most important.

make the character and the room persistant

How do I make them persistant?

It should be in the object window on the left hand side. It’s just a box you check. Although it might only be in advanced mode. I don’t remember…

He may not have it on Advanced mode. If you don’t have it on Advanced mode, turn it on advanced mode (File - Advanced Mode). If there is a check on Advanced Mode… but you aren’t stupid so you SHOULD know.

Or if you want to keep variables from room to room you could just make your variables global (add “global.” as a suffix). So your gottensword variable should be renamed to global.gottensword. This way it can be used by any object in any room.

You could also just use one object to control everything using a system that stores objects in arrays and connects all the rooms together into what feels like an entire world, only keeping the objects in the current room or area loaded into the memory. But I think you’re going for something simple here, since you seem fairly new to programming and the program :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Also, I don’t suggest doing that genre of gaming as one of your first games. Start with some very simple one-room games to get the hang of how things work in Game Maker, such as a space shooter (no clones of 1945, PLEASE). It also helps to study how games like it are made, meaning how they go about adding physics and graphics and such, without copying the code. Understanding WHY other games work the way they do and being able to follow everything that goes on each frame is crucial for being able to make your own games. Just copying some code, changing a few numbers, and replacing the sprites will teach you nothing.

Just some pointers. I’m not accusing you of doing what I say not to >_>

Heh … it worked out fine for me, I had about a year and a half C++ and some 3-4 months Java experience to bounce from though. The Java knowledge REALLY helps … not coding wise but fundamentally understanding class objects in general help you work in GameMaker. That said my event coding is somewhat of a mess but its nothing I cant handle.

But the key thing for me is how impatient I am… I keep wanting to see my development going somewhere rather than being stuck on learning/fixing. For me that works great, as buggy as my engine is its more than I’ve ever managed to make manually with Java and its far more than I ever imagined I would have as a running program. It’s like a programming language where someone took out all the “tedious” and left all the “fun”.

Thanks for your help all. I just finished a couple of weeks ago my first hack-and-slash game, but it’s really basic. I’ve been doing the tutorials, and I’m going to read up on GML coding before I go any farther. I am working in advanced mode by the way, I just missed the persistant box when I was looking through the options at first.

i would recommend before creating rooms, create a single “test room” to make sure you get a good engine :slight_smile: