Game Map

I decided to make a brand new game map. It’s looking a lot more detailed than the one I had in some of my game demos. :slight_smile: I’d like more opinions on it though.

The one on the left is the original when I started, and then the one on the right is a color palette change to deliver a bit more contrast… plus it has 2 fewer colors than the other one.

no doubt it is done very well, and while the stars do seem a bit evenly carried out throughout the sky, it fits quite nicely, the contrast change is very good for the snowly land

I could try unevening things out a bit with the sky. :slight_smile:

I have OCD and it sometimes carries on into my artwork. :frowning: XDD

lol, i got OCD too, only i have to count the cracks along the sidewalk as i walk, no big worry, if you dont have time, its perfectly fine as is.

The more I think about it, the more I’d like to try something like the sky in this:

It is a Rayman fangame afterall. :slight_smile:

go for it, havn’t seen backgrounds done by people here with extremely good “aura” and hazy effects in awhile.

floating smoke/fog thing would be nice, specially colored space one

umm… why is the desert right next to the snowy mountains? just a question. lol :sweat:

Believe it or not, it’s almost that way here in Utah at times.

I think it’s very nice actually. Brings back some memories…Mario 2. goes to play

Kekeke… Probably the mushroom house too that’d be a reminder. :slight_smile:

first time i thought rayman was

Well, not exactly. Mario 2 didnt have the general mario look in that sense. It’s the night sky reminding me of some of the more memorable stages.

Why not? :confused:

I edited the sky. :slight_smile: I didn’t do the fog effects as seen in that screenshot, but maybe I’ll try them out later. Now the sky is a bit more populated, and the stars aren’t as spread out, but in groupings. I also took off another 2 colors.