game making question

what is the best tool for making a metroid game?

  • the games factory2
  • gamemaker v.6.1
  • multimedia fusion2
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i am learning to program with the games factory2(demo)but i am unsure if its the best tool for my metroid fangame.

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this should be in general gaming discusion.

Not really it is to do with fangames

I personlly use game maker but it depends on what you want to make gamemaker is the best one for me because of the simplicity and learning curve (from drag and drop to gml code) TGF is good If you want to make certain stuff and so Is MMF. but I’m sticking with gm.

basicly It depends on which one you prefer.

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It wasn’t in fangames before :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, I use TGF, and while I love the program, it simply is not cut out for advanced Metroid-esque engines. GM’s your best bet there.

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wich program is the easiest to learn?


what is the most powerful. I know GM 6.1 already and I know how to do basic games.

GM. I already said that >_>;

But for real power you can’t rely on a program. Ya gottal eanr a rael langauga.e

ya GM tends to slow down your computer and although it has the capasity for 3-D games they can be very difficult to make. I just dont have the time to learn C++ or any other language.

Amen Daz and DM16! Yes, many programmers ask for at least a year of patient book-hitting to learn C++ but if you own Windows and have the time, it looks as if your possibilities are endless. I personally don’t recommend GUI Programming AT ALL, scripting or not. It dosen’t really get you into the right habit for “real” languages. Yes, you will get demos out faster but yes, you will face more problems at the end. What do I recommend? Blitz Basic. Get the demo at . Its BASIC in its basic-est form that is geared towards game dev. Another one I heard of was Dark Basic, which I don’t have a link to.

Dark BASIC site (has a free trial)

FPS Creator (one of my favourates free trial)

they’re ok as demo’s but if you want the really good stuff buy them.

depends on what your going for… i really like game maker, but those others sound just as good.

Game Maker can do almost ANYTHING.But games like P2D and others are really hard,so you gottta be good a GML and sametimes use .DLLs.A game called hover tank3D was near perfect because of hard work.(iit had the same name as the first 3D game too!)So Game Maker WON’T let you down.

which is best for beginers?

(Doh!) Read the topic.

I would recomend using TGF if you are just now starting.

is learning gamemaker right now, I like it dut it takes time to learn

Jesus, man. You already got banned from our sister site largely because you refuse to type legibly. You’d think you’d have learned your lesson by now.

Game maker then C/C++ then flash(possiby flash before C/C++) then real languages.