game maker

Game maker7 is done :smiley:

Er, what the hell is it? >_>

It is the GM for DX10 (and the new one for 9(i think))

is game maker 7.0 it comes after game maker 6.1 is here []

Seeing as you never seen to read your PM’s…

Alright, Metroid, I have a fun game for you.

You learn how to post, and I get to stop warning you. You continue acting like a prepubescent squirrel on crack who just discovered the internet, and you get a Game Over screen with no continues.


So, why should we get excited about it?

Please, if you’re going to minimod, at least make sure your own posts are good.

Saying that GM7 is out doesn’t say anything.

Here’s how I would structure my post:

GM7 is out!

Here’s why you should be excited:

  1. cool feature
  2. dazzling addition
  3. enormous improvement

Now, with GM7, you can do such and such!

You’re not really adding to your own topic with “it’s out!”

lock this




Just so everyone knows, you can lock your own topics by using the “moderator options” menu at the bottom, which yes, does appear and is usable if you’re visiting one of your own topics and you’re not a moderator.