game maker

:O_O: on game maker you might be able to recreate super metroid
im tring as we speek :smiley:>

keep it cleen no dissing or swearing plz :sunglasses:

here is the link for game maker:Make 2D Games With GameMaker | Free Video Game Maker

try its going to be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

oh no…

Dude. You’re [swear word edited] doomed.

Even if you’re not making ANY resources from scratch, it’d still take a small team of EXTREMELY devoted programmers, or several less devoted programmers to get this done in any decent time.
Besides, Why cant you just play super metroid?? There are plenty of coughromscough out there that you could download.
I hate to break it to you, but not only has this been attempted, and failed, but It’ll probably also been done. You might want to work on something more original, that actually has a chance of succeeding.

But I could be completely wrong of course. I have no programming experience, and you could be teh 1337 programmer. You might create a game that by far surpasses super metroid.

Like I said, I dont know, but I dont know ANYONE who would have a chance of doing this, and it actually being worth it.

i just got the first room done too!!!

its working for me :unamused:

Listen to this kid, I mean seriously, why WOULDN’T I say “oh no…” he’s [swear word whatever] doomed.

Do you have a working samus yet?

Even if you HAVE a working samus, you have to program ENDLESS [insert S word here] to program. I assure you, Super metroid has more than 1 room, not to mention tons of enemies and power ups that 1 person just CANT do by themself. You’ll see my point eventually, but I’d like to save you some hassle.

BTW, I didnt mean to quote you, I meant to quote M511.

Oh lol, then I guess we agreee.

all super metroid is its a side scroller and lots and lots of sprites its almost like p2d :sunglasses:

Lol. It’s not almost like P2D.

It’s like prime 2d in the fact that it has similar gameplay and that it’s metroid. MAKING IT WILL BE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Let’s start off by saying that you’re lucky. You already have all of your resources made for you, if you plan to use super metroids sprites. If you dont, forget about this, because there’s no way in hell you can make all the sprites yourself, and I dont see any reason for people to join a team that’ll just remake sprites of a game they probably already have (seeing as how most metroid spriters are hardcore metroid fans).
But let’s forget that, and move on.

Do you have an engine?? If you do, then you might have a chance of making a metroid esque game. But remaking super metroid is IMPOSSIBLE by yourself unless you’re some kind of programming god. It would take AGES to replicate even the Enviornments in super metroid, minus the enemies, features, and remove all the glitches.Why would you did do it anyway? A game that plays exactly like Super metroid, that definetly wont be NEAR as good? Sorry, but even if you do have an engine, and even a team of dedicated programmers(which I’m pretty sure that you dont), making Super metroid is foolish,and pointless.

no i probly wont make all of it i brobly will make like three rooms for it

You’re kidding right?

I don’t see any reason to remake (or even replay) adventure games to begin with. I love Metroid games the first time through (although Prime 2 was an exception to that rule) but they certainly aren’t replayable. Now, remaking something like Starcraft, but with new units, support for additional features, etc… That’d be awesome. But y’know, it’d be even harder to code that than to code a sidescroller.

…Wow. I really dont see how you can say that. For me, it’s mainly zelda games, but there are some games that feel so epic that you absolutely MUST replay them to make the feeling of the universe (in the game) feel fresh.

Ocarina of time-I’ve beaten it about 6 times, mainly to re-live the epic boss battles, and dungeons.

Majora’s mask-I’ve only beaten it 3 times through, simply because when you go back in time, you can redo everyting almost like you’re starting over.

Wind waker-I’ve also beaten Wind waker 3 times, and while it’s better than MM, it’s longer, and has irritating parts.

TP-I just beat it about an hour ago. Easily the best zelda game ever. It was frustrating at times, but so were the other zelda games the first time through.

But that’s really the point for me. When you beat it the second time through, you can enjoy it more, because you’re not stopping to make sure you missed something, or going backwards because you’re not sure you did something right. You can play the adventure for what it is.

Wow, i’m pretty off topic.

Um…yeah. You said you were going to remake super metroid. Super metroid has a couple more than 3 rooms. And like we asked, DO YOU HAVE a metroid esque engine? Making 3 rooms is kinda pointless if you can’t do anything in them.

Anyway, good luck with that.

This could go in General Metroid. It could go in Fangames. You could even make a case for it to go in General Games.

So what in the HELL possessed you to put it in General Discussion? This is practically the only place it CAN’T go… >_>;


You want to make a Metroid 3 remake, huh? Well, I won’t say don’t go for it, but if you’re using GameMaker, it’s gonna be impossible. GameMaker was designed so that n00bies could get a feel for what making a game is all about and maybe get into the programming a bit, not to make real games. Not to say it isn’t possible, but most people don’t have the patience. If you’re using a real programming language like: any of the C series, ruby, python, even java, you could do it, even by yourself if you have 1337 skillz.

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I want to make a metroid game too, but I can’t decide on what to make out of it. I will be doing it all by myself, engine and all, in full C++ and OpenGL (and allegro for ease of blitting). I think I might do Metroid Prime 2.5, with both sets of beams and visors, how does that sound? If anyone wants to see my current game project, it’s called Zephyr: The Destruction of Magic, just drop me an email at (Keep in mind it really isn’t even close to being done)

I’ll start a new thread when it’s officially decided, consider this a rumor.

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Anyway, my suggestion is: Give it a try to get a feel for it, then learn a real programming language and make something grand. If you can make a FULL Metroid game, I think you could easily go on to get a career in Game Programming.

Also, all those commercials you see for game programming courses, DO NOT EVER USE THEM!!! If you really want to make games, get a generalized programming course. You will learn more about programming and gain more comprehensive knowledge, plus, if your game design career doesn’t work out, you can still get a job elsewhere. End of Rant…

Uhm, P2D started inGame Maker, so I dunno if this is as impossible as you claim. Although it did later move out…

Actually, it’s not that hard to imitate Metroid 3. I have a full original game I’m working on after Phoenixan is done (just with Metroid-like gameplay… my own characters, items, areas, etc. though), and I made the starts, and so far I’m just having problems getting a proper wall jump.

And if you’re good enough, you can actually not bother with multiple rooms and just use 2 or 3. One of those rooms actually with a series of scripts and if statements to set up the correct level for the room entered.

If you can’t program Super Metroid in Game Maker, you can’t program Super Metroid in C++. >_>

Also, did this fangame go completely forgotten or what?:
Metroid X
That engine is really similar to Super Metroid, and it’s not even trying to be made exactly the same as it.

Lol! He says “I’m gonna make a Super Metroid clone in GameMaker!”, and gives us a link? Not to be rude, but do you seriously think we are stupid? Most of us posting here KNOWS what GM is because the fan-game this forum is made for IS MADE IN GAME MAKER. And probably more than half of us here has experience in GM. BTW there already is a Super Metroid remake.