Game maker

I recently downloaded game maker, and was suprised at the depth it was capable of. It’s no wonder you can make almost any type of game with it. Anyway, im having some problems with physics programming. While im not doing another metroid fangame, does anyone have a metroid engine i can borrow. Messing with it will help me learn how all the values work and stuff. It just needs to be simple, running left and right, and jumping in a room. Also, to make the level solid, do you set it as an object, then do colide?? Ill probably post a thousand more questions here, but this should be all for now.

There are tutorials and open-source games on the Game Maker website, including platformers similar to Metroid.

I don’t use other objects as collision anymore myself, but I used to. And that’s what most people start with. Well, they usually finish with that, too. So yeah, just do that.

Edit: Only need one GM help topic.