Game Maker Engines

can someone HELP me do an engine for my game (only the engine, i can do every thing else myself). even if you tell me where i can get a tutorial to help me that will do even.
Thank you

er. . . .

ignore Syntax Man :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me, do you have GameMaker registered?
If not, there isn’t a whole lot I can help you with :sweat:
Try to get ahold of GM 6.1 and I’ll see if I can help you.

BTW, could you give us some details bout what you’re makin?
It would help narrow the search down.

what the fo are you on?

no, i don’t have registered gm 'cause my parents won’t let me get it (one more year, just one more year), and i have GM 7, thogh i could prob. get 6.1 if i tried.

I want to make a metroid fangame that takes place between super and fusion, and the controls i want are A and D moves, W looks/aims up, S is crouch and morph after crouching, J is shoot, K is jump, I is fire missiles, O fires diagonally, U is super Missiles and Left Shift switches between the “two” beams i’m gonna have(i’m gonna have more thab two, but im gonna have them “stack” like they do in fusion/zero mission, and im gonna make one that isn’t compatible with the rest) and Right Shift switches between super missiles and another type of missile im makng

It may take a bit for me to release it, so why don’t work on getting your resouces together (sprites, sounds, bagrounds, etc.) and plan the whole storyline while you wait.

BTW…gamemaker 6.1 :wink:

cheers, your a mate, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: i’ll get everything else ready while i wait.

also, do u mind sendin’ me a pm when you finish it.

cheers again.