Game Maker 7 Lisence

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Old as Jesus, but that aside that’s why I’m not getting GM7. Even if I did, screw YoYo games. They won’t be in the credits for MY game with MY custom sprites and music. So lets say I made a game of my own, everthing is custom, yoYo games automatically claims ownership of my code and everything? That’s bull.

whats yoyo games?

The jerks who now have legal rights to GameMaker.
Hence why I’m trying to find a version on GM that is before YoYo took over.

What the FUCK?!?

I JUST Registered Gamemaker 7 and now I think I’ll return it. YoYo games can fuck themselves over. >_>

Yes, it really gets to you doesn’t it? Good thing I don’t use GM very often, so I don’t have much to lose. YoYo Games will own our game, our code, our sprites, dialog, music, moral rights, AKA they own your entire game, not you.

When I first saw this a while back, I tought to myself, “what the hell was Mark Overmars thinking?”

I sent them an e-mail about it and it’ll be interesting to see what they say.

old news is ooooooooold.

mark used to be cool but now he’s made an ass of himself by selling his creation to yoyo games’ who are all bitch ass motherfuckers who want to sue us for the rights for our games. see you in hell, game maker 7. i’m sticking with 6.1. god knows what gamemaker 8 will be like.

isnt game maker 8 out?

stop the insane bashing… it makes you sound more childish than you actually are

I agree HM’s post had much more language than it should have had, but you can understand why people are angry about this. If you bought GM 7 and just now saw this I bet you would be pretty ticked off yourself. They are saying, “use Game Maker and everything you used in/ on the program is now ours, we own it.”

How can tha not bother you?

If you don’t understand why we’re pissed, HP, then don’t call us childish.

i didnt say you didnt had the right to be pissed…

being pissed is one thing

incredible bashing is another.

Bashing is alright, where deserved.

Yeah, GM7 SUCKS. Nothing that new, really, except for that damn “YOYO GAMES” log on the bottom right.

As soon as I saw that crap I deleted GM7. I’m sticking with 6.1 all the way. After seeing this post I don’t regret my decision.

Hell, is there ANYTHING that ANYONE could say thats good about GM7 in this topic? Doubt it, unless you’ve been paid to from “YOYO GAMES LUL!1!!”

WTF of a name is “YoYo Games”?? It’s so unprofessional! /offtopic

This is why I hate GM and similar >_>