game charachters that must die

ok, this has been on my mind for ages, so lets start:

charachters that suck:

tails, cream, amy, toadbert, toadette, pikachu,

charachters that i hate for the things they have done:

all shroobs, and err… loads others…

i need more to add to the list

yeah, i hated the shroobs aswell. but i hate those sonic charachters that get made in an afternoon like tails, cream, amy, and i hate CHARMY THE BEE

Let me just say this. This willl turn into a huge flame war.

Master Cheif, Operator, Axl, Toad, Luigi, Shadow (the Sonic guy), Mido, Makar, Colonel, and I’ll think up some more later…

what the hell you got against luigi is it because hes italian you racist!!! shadows not to bad… although his game sucked…oh, and i want master chief to die also… and of course…dimitrii…toads ok, just a bit annoyin. “thank you mario, but our princess is in another castle”

Shadow WHAT! Shadow is cool.
What the heck is your problem!!! :imp:

and what the heck is with all this hatred tword Tales? :frowning:

Tails is a noob … even Sonic thinks hes annoying … lol

Shadow was awesome in SA2.

I cant think of any game character I want to see dead or “defiled” in anyway except maybe Slippy from Star Fox.

yeah slippy annoys me to hell. shadow is awesome, but shadow the hedgehog was nowhere as good as i expected. i hate tails and amy& cream also. creams like “ohh, get em cheese” god shes so annoyin. heard tails in sonic battle hes like “sonic” in a depressed way.

sniffbut why let master chief die sob halo3 has a release date announced sob besides samus needs compititon

no but seriously how come im one of the only ppl who can be a fan of halo and maetroid?

also…rayman has to die.

wtf, how can u guys hate tails?

anyone ever play the genesis games (which kick the ass of all other sonic games) ?

sheesh, everyone wanted to play as tails in those games because he could fly and shit…well…untill knuckle came along…

the only sonic characters you can play as that i really respect are the originals, sonic, tails, and knuckles.

sigma from megaman. He just won’t fuck off.

Oh I got a good one:

Czar Dragon from p2d, he’s funny, but not enough.

that frog from Starfox, hes stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

that bunny from starfox, hes old and lame too

Ill add more to my list later :slight_smile:


Jeez I thought it was a donkey.

Ya! I think Czar Dragon from p2d should be away, don’t you think so Czar?

Yea he might be a bunny or a donkey I dunno <_< >_>


Czar thought Peppy was an ass. lol

His name is Peppy Hare, so yeah, chances are he’s a hare. >_>


every time i play ssbm, set the CPUs on random, and there’s a yoshi, he’s the most retarded and annoying character in the game…

while i am busy fighting samus, or fox or something like that, yoshi just ignores the comp fighting me and turns me into an egg while the comp that was fighting me starts the buttrape.

Sigma has yet to appear in a RM game… I don’t see your point! :stuck_out_tongue:
That would be scary though, Rock Man is not nearly as powerful as X is, he probably wouldn’t even do one dot of life with his charged up buster! I’d hate to be Rock in that situation…

And I remembered another character who I hate so much! Not like anyone cares, but I found the General guy in Gunstar Heroes to be a waste of time, hes supposedly powerful and whatnot but all he does is jump once, look at the main character and fall to the ground… thats a waste of a character right there.

lol i know someone said rayman… id just like to reemberce that.

hmm, who else.

mewtwo from ssbm. yoshi in the same game.
emerich guy from MGS1, Raiden from MGS2
that fairy in the old Zelda games… you see a huge crack in the wall, and a fairy with a high pitched voice is like “hey look over there! a crack in the wall! maybe you could use your sword on it!”

navi? the little blue fairy from oot