Fusion... sequel?

What should the sequel feature?

  • Samus being chased by the Feds
  • Samus destroying the remaining SA-X (assuming they survived)
  • Samus hunting Metroids that escaped from the Restriced Lab
  • Samus taking down the Space Pirates
  • Other.
  • STFU
  • What is Metroid Fusion?
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Ok WTF? I’ve played many fangames but here are some that gets me wondering about the sequel to Fusion. If you are asking “STFU STOP WASTING BANDWIDTH” please let me explain some stuff. They both feature gasp Samus being chased after the Feds for what she did on the B.S.L Research ship! (and one DOUBLE GASP! features the Space Pirates AND the Galactic Federation teaming up to destroy Samus!). Ok I really want to say “STFU STOP MAKING CRAPPY GAMES YOU N00B” but seriously, what should the sequel to Fusion be like?


I want Samus to slaughter all the spacepirates.

The G-Feds chasing down Samus than Samus joinng the Space Pirates who destroy and conquer the Ki-Hunter confederacy!

Well, considering I started a fangame on this, I’d have to say that an X parasite had infected a researcher, who then left the space station long before Samus and her new Fusion suit got there. Then, somewhere along the line of A.) Clearing her name (The feds wouldn’t just let her slide after destroying the space station) or B.) On her way TO the federation to clear her name, she comes across what looks like a small escape pod. She connects her ship to the pod, in order to rescue whoever it is in there. She opens it up, and wouldn’t you know it, one of those pesky X viruses infected the poor guy. Yup, sucks to be him. So she checks the logs of the ship, traces it back to another research station (Turns out… researchers hang out in those things a lot.). When she reaches it, it is in bad shape. Really unstable, and shakes every few seconds. Of course the station is completely infested with X. Long story short, reactors overload, the thing explodes, she goes to the planet it’s in orbit around and checks if it’s infected, too. Well, it is. Then in the end, it blows up somehow.
The end.

How about Dark Phazon X?

Eh, I’ll leave phazon to the Prime series. All of that is gone and done with by the time Fusion happens. But… why would it be DARK phazon? As if phazon wasn’t bad enough, you go and throw something in to attribute it to evil.

Dark X corrupted by Phazon!

Strange, I figured it would be X corrupted by dark phazon…

Ok, what the hell are Dark X?

An ING infected by X or vice versa.

Thankfully, Nintendo isn’t anywhere near stupid enough to use an idea that blastidious.

lol, thank god!

XD! You got pwned! Dark X, LOL!
Ok seriously now…
I’ll bet that in Corruption the Phazon will somehow go away so Dark X would be impossible.

Yeah, and… I already pointed that out, in a sense…

And, aside from that, all of the Ing are pretty much dead by the time Fusion happens, and there’s not much chance of the X getting to Aether BEFORE Fusion happens without Samus knowing, because the whole planet would pretty much be swarming with X.

Wait… Were you talking about my idea, or the dark phazon X? Because… I wasn’t being entirely serious. I mean…

I gotta learn how to make a fangame…

i know it sounds stupid… but… to back omega metroid up,

the planet the second space station (from cloud’s story) is orbiting could be aether.

and so, as Samus sees the planet in her decent, something clicks inside her head and it all seems familiar.

After a long shipride, she finds the inhabitants… a few splinters here and there, and realises…


Nearly 6 years before, she had discovered this planet’s secrets, and somehow, she was brought back to the same place that she rescued once before.

Coincidence? no. As samus delves deeper into the planet’s chemistry and science, she discovers the planet has sort of… a soul, that brought her back.


Very interesting…

What would you guys say to this:

Samus returns after the chaos at BSL Research Station and the Fed Scientists work on removing X from her body. Secretly they intend to experiment with the X in order to make a perfect SA-X clone of Samus to act as the perfect Soldier. We saw that the X can replicate Samus Chozo suit and all of its abilities, a huge military organization would no doubt jump at the idea of having an Army of Samus’s. During an operation in order to remove X from Samus, samples are taken and secretly bred/grown to be a new and more powerful SA-X. Something goes wrong, it gets loose … Samus wakes up and the station is under attack. Proceed from there…

Consider the secret message that you get in Fusion where an unknown figure talked about “revealing secret plans to Samus” after seeing your tricky maneuvers with Shine Spark, and Adam responded that it “wasnt advisable”. Wasnt advisable inform Samus of something?

Anyway … one of the several ideas Ive had for a game that I might undertake after I have my Engine running.

Hey who was the other guy that told me to STFU?
Well neways… :sweat:
Tenka has a VERY plausible (i.e. Metroidy) idea. Well it would be if the X fused with her body. She never fused with the X but she absorbed it. A lot of you guys are thinking about something that has been done before (i.e. Aether, Phazon) but seeing how Nintendo is at story telling, I’m pretty sure that the next Metroid will feature something new. I think Cloud Varis has a very interesting idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to fight the X again? Me personally, I was thinking about the Restricted Labratory. Maybe it can crash onto a planet and all the Metroids in it will reproduce in that planet, and maybe another SA-X (you should remember that Adam said there is 11 SA-Xs) was onboard the Lab and maybe he/she will spread the X.
I’m not trying to say your ideas are bad.

The way I understood it, Samus absorbed the SA-X but still is mutated by the X. I’m pretty sure as powerful as it is Samus doesnt want it in her body. If I’m wrong I bet you could fill in the gap pretty easily (ie. X/Mutation destabilises within her and requires removal, or Feds capture her and forcebly remove).

X weren’t absorbed. Their energy was transfered into her suit than destroyed by the Metroid DNA.