Funniest Videos Ever

I discovered there quite a while ago, but I remembered about the today, and they’re the FUNNIEST videos I’ve ever seen (or close to it)
Warning: some contain profanity to the extreme. Some.
EDIT: Oh, right, you need a link.

dude the one where the frying pan catches fire is the funniest.

“Come on come on, get the fuck outta here, come on what the fuck are you waiting for, get the fuck outta here you stupid idiot, we are fucking dead come one get the fuck out!”

Laugh my ass off thats the best part.

yeah these are pretty funny. which one are you talking about?

the one called porkchop sandwhiches. I’ll give a link.

hahaah yeah that was funny. i love the voiceovers on these guys. its like the juggernaut B*tch. if you havnt seen it:

its pretty funny. voiceover for Xmen cartoon lol.

and on the GiJoe ones, the Ragae singer one is pretty cool.

lmfao. x-pimps

hah yeah its pretty funny huh. “im gonna hit you with my pimp cane”


lol i love that video. “dont you know who i am? IM THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!”