funnier than hell videos!

you all need to go to newgrounds and see the metroid sex education video, then look up the same maker of that and watch the legend of zelda video, they are both funnier than hell! meet the presidents video is cool too!

funny metroid video=

zelda video =

meet the presidents video =

please watch them, they are funnier than hell!

According to my information Hell isn’t funny, at all. Hell is a bad place where bad people go to, to be damned and stuff. Hell is not funny. Wouldn’t be hard to be funnier then. <_<


yeah…i have a sick sense of humor, im sadistic, thats all… :unamused:

the ones of the presidents is hell of funny hahaha i hate u all!

There’s nothing sick and sadistic about saying ‘funny as hell.’ Its a commonly used phrase, even if completely retarded. You’re saying odd stuff mister. <_<

yeah, it was sarcasm, lol, to wavetrooperplushie.

Here are some funny ones

A link movie

Another link movie

A list of mario videos