Full Metals Sprites(UPDATES EVERYDAY!)

it took me about and hour of work to complete this

tell me what you think please :smiley:

Edit: This is the Roiginal Drawing, done by a friend, scaned and colored by me.

Another edit: heres something i did with the help of another sprite, but i did it from scratch.

Naother edit!: heres just a simple recolor nothing fancy.

Heres Ray with a green sword.

wait… so as far as i can tell only the bottom 3 are sprites. why did u put other stuff in here?

also, the shading on the cape for the bottom guy isnt the best. use dithering so there isnt a line between shades.

He said that was a recolor, so I assume he didn’t want to change the shading…

WOW :O_O: ! Those look really cool! Amazing! :smiley:

yea, the second last one is a recolor,

but anyways, heres More, its a huge edit, took me a lil bit. but anyways here.

Skull Demon:

Sword Collection:

Zep Soldier with Uber Sword:

Sweet shit man, good start;)

i really like the skull deamon! keep up the good work!

Here are soe weapons, i finally Figured Shading out, see my shaded weapons. the top 2 i made, and the third is an edit of something i found, i made it kinda like a quake plasma gun.

anyway, here.

Edit: alright people, i made a custom ghost!!yay!

here ya go

more to come…

i think the back of the ghost kind of has some wierd shading.

yea, i’ll look into it and fix it.

The ghost isnt too bad, cept for a couple shading issues.

Here is my first all Custom sprite, made it all myself, but the swords i found on some site.

anyways here. enjoy

and the fixed ghost, i hope! :confused: added a lil driv stick for more effect :smiley: lol

The Skulldemon wiith a long sword,

Here are some more classic charaters:


more to come…

That PAC-MAN is disgusting…

meh was’nt trying, yea it sucks,

alright some more coming.

a broad sword:

a custome warthog:

and a something like splinter cell related, i named her Sting:

Here is yet anothe custom sprite i made,

Pegasus From Hell:



Umm…Comments would be nice :sweat:

i post all eighteen of my sprites and get four comments, 1 bad, 1 comstructive and 2 good.

i’d like some constructive critisism mostly.

Lets see then.

Your shading skills arent bad, but there are some things that confuse me. The shading on top of the tail is bad, and the legs look weird.

yea, i’m still working on my shading skills, i am getting betta tho.wuts wrong with the legs?

So… Do you just make pixel art or do you make sprite sheets as well?