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Will CoreFusion X EVER get his engine done?

I honestly don’t know, and IMO I doubt it will get finished…
But these things take a ton of time, especially if you have
a job, school, or after school activities.


Let’s be honest. The P2D demo, where it currently stands is a miracle in itself. I’ve never seen a fangame done so well with all custom sprites, backgrounds, and environments. If it ever is finished, it will be something truly epic.

But really, if the demo has already run out of steam, there’s no way in hell a full game could be complete without financial motivation (PAY ME!!). Not to say its impossible, since most of the resources are already complete, and it just needs to be programmed. If CFX hired a team of about 20 decent devoted programmers, it could be done, but I dont see how it’s possible otherwise.

We still need 80% of the resources for the game. Releasing it now means waiting another few years for P2D anyway. Why not keep improving it until we have enough resources to actually do something with it?

daz said you had almost 100% of the sprites completed. how in the world do you only have 20% of the resources?

Yeah, I love Kraft Dinner.

Anyways… In my opinion, I dont even mind if the game never gets done. I’ve had a lot of good memories here. Besides… I don’t even like Metroid anymore…

I’m afraid I’m also turning toward that road… Metroid just
isn’t what it used to be, I’m starting to enjoy other games alot more.

Well, maybe we’d have 50% of the resources if most of them didn’t need redoing. Plus my estimate was weighted–giant bosses and creatures with many poses count more than small and simple things that anyone can make in a few minutes. We’re missing all of our biggest bosses, our tile sheets are very incomplete, we hardly have any backgrounds, tons of things need redoing, etc. etc. We don’t even have lists of what all we have to do or even what’s been done already, other than for music.

20% sounds about right ot me. We probably have 75% Sprites, which 30% of those need redoing, we have like 10% Backgrounds, 50% music, 50% tiles which 25% need redoing… 2% Tilemaps which needs to be mostly redone. >_< 100% maps which 50% need redoing. We just can’t get anything right the first time. =P

You guys disgust me. Ive checked up on p2d about every other week, and have seen no progress at all in the past few weeks, maybe longer. That doesnt mean you should start loosing interest in Metroid all together though. (Im sorry, but im a hardcore metroid fan and i just dont like seeing people post things like that. lol) It makes me think this fangame is giving metroid a bad name though. I think this projects’ failure (near failure, for those who still have hope.) is mostly due to the people who sat around the forums doing nothing to support the game, and complaining about how long its taking to finish 2% of the game. And others who though, helping the game somewhat complain about how they have a life and it doesnt revolve around this game and blah blah blah. Games like this take a dedicated team working hard for as many hours as they can put into it. Metroid Prime was made by a huge team (huge compared to this one.) they were all completly dedicated to their work and they spent huge amounts of their time to finish that work. And look how long it took them. Years, of hard work is what it takes to make a great game. Alot of people dont realize this when they start a game that will 90% of the time fail to ever launch. Organization also plays a huge roll in whether a game will be successful or not. In my opinion, a forum open to the public isnt the best place to have resources that can easily be stolen and/or lost. Which doesnt help organization at all. And i realize i may come off as thinking i “know it all”. but really, i know i make the same mistakes any normal person would make. This long thought out post ive just typed is just another opinion, one of many that have been posted in the past, and that will be posted in the future. Now to prevent anyone reading this from having massive eye damage, I will close this statement in hopes that one day someone will start a metroid prime fangame, and finish it.


Quoted for truth.

Metroid hasn’t had a good game since Prime. That was 2002. After 5 years without a good game, fans loose interest. A series needs to keep getting good games.

But the people’s lack of interest shouldn’t last forever. The fanbase of Metroid was pretty weak in between Super and Prime, but it sparked again.

Yes, strike us down for having an opinion.


You do realize Dragon isn’t part of the team, right? And he never will be.

As for the second part of your post, you have to realize this is an amateur game that’s coordinated, advertisted, created, and obsessed over ONLINE. Of course we’re going to post our resources online, and of course it’s going to take us a while to finish. You’re comparing us to grown-up professionals who earn money for making games.
Well, we’re not grown-up (most of us) we’re not professionals (none of us), and we’re not earning a single cent for this. So back off.

You too, Vurt. <<;

My post wasnt intended to piss you off, or put you down. Considering how many times its been mentioned, and how obvious it is considering the quality of the game (no offence) I do realize this is an amateur game made by non-profited un professional programmers spriters ect. Thats the the reason I posted this long paragraph. If you really think about wut i said in my post, you would realize that it is aimed toward people who think they know how much time, dedication and hard work it takes to make a really good game. Then because they feel the game should be made faster (once again not knowing how long it really does take.) They complain and complain, until eventually due to their own impatience and lack of knowledge about game development, they loose interest. My point is, that alot of the time, fangames get canned because people loose interest in them or get tired of waiting. But this is all due to, yet again, their lack of knowledge about game development and because of this lack of knowledge, they tend to underestimate the time and work needed to actually finish a game. They assume it is due to the creator that the game is not yet at the point which they are expecting it to be. When, in fact it is they who are mistaken as to how long it should take. Until you actually create a game yourself, only then do you have a better understanding of game development. But even then most think they can just snap their fingers and create the best game ever. So they make forums and websites and tell everyone about this great game they are/going to make. Then when they try to actually make it, they finally realize, this game is actually too much for them to handle. I speak all this from expierience. Just look at my dumb little starfox fangame i tried to make. I made a demo that I thought was sooooo friggin awesome. And others enjoyed it too. Well, it wasnt until I realized theres no way I can make a full scale game without over 90% of the stuff I still needed to make. Thats when I saw why so many fangames never actually made it all the way. So, basically my post was just to make a point which not many ever actually think about nor do they realize. And I apologize for my last post to those of you who took it wrong. I was just trying to share my thoughts on fangames with others in hopes maybe they would understand wut im trying to say. I wasnt comparing you guys to anyone. Well, I was in a way. But not putting you down, only to get others to realize that you are not professionals. And I also apologize for my annoyingly long posts. >_> My thoughts are pouring right out of my head and onto the keyboard. lol

Wait, so your saying that because Im losing interest in Metroid (and P2D
for that matter) that means I’m some impatient n00b who doesn’t undsterand
game development? That is just rediculis. I have had projects I have made
in the past, so I do understand how long it can take for a good fangame to be released. The reason I am losing interest in Metroid is because they simply
are not making games that appeal to me anymore. It happens to alot of people.
The reason I am losing faith in P2D is because the project is going very slowly,
and it’s taking an extream ammount of time to release a real demo.

Again, I know these things take a bunch of time, but going so long without any
updates or screens or anything for that matter makes me feel like I’m sitting
here waiting for a seed to grow into a tree (lame I know, don’t get on my case about it >_>). I will always be a fan of P2D, but right now I’m just waiting
for something to actually happen.

Next Gen+School+Midterms=Slow pace.

Wow I lost interest in Metroid awhile ago… doesn’t seem to have the same replay value as C-S, WC3, or GW. But meh, I’m still waiting for M: Prime 3. I think most of us here knows what it is like to make a fan game/indie game, so don’t say shit about how everyone doesn’t know what it is like to make a game.

except you DON’T know how it is to make a game.

How many of you have worked profesionally as programmer/developer?

You have no experience in the field, and for most of you, knowledge is rather, read, incredibly, limited.

So, you don’t know how it is to make a REAL indie game.
The amount of effort and money it requires would make your heads spin.

Have you worked professionally on a game? I’m talking about fangames… Just because I’m not building the game from scratch doesn’t mean a thing.