FSMR/Metroid Doom

I thought I’d get this over with, so since I don’t wanna make two topics, I present…

Metroid Doom
FSMR(First Super Metroid Remake)

I’m very proud of these two fangames. They’re both built off of the same engine (SMEngine), but both have different stories. Metroid Doom explores the possibility in MP3:C of the ship at the ending being Sylux’s, allowing him to make an appearance shortly after Fusion, where Metroid Doom takes place. FSMR is my Super Metroid Remake, already featuring all the features except for the X-Ray Scope, along with two new Grapple Beam upgrades, the Spider Ball, and a Plasma Beam upgrade(the Nova Beam).

If you have any questions, ask away.

one question…

got milk?

actually, real question

demos? =D

One demo, but it’s of horrible quality, not even worth releasing here. Another demo’s coming up.

So this Metroid Doom takes place after fusion? Sylux must’ve been following Samus for a while there, then. You’d think he’d try hunting someone else who’s a little easier to catch…

I still don’t think trying to remake SM will turn out well, but well done on getting this far - give me a demo anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, PY.

About Sylux hunting Samus, according to Metroid Doom’s storyline, he was the one who landed on the BSL, causing the explosion and unwittingly allowing the SA-X to escape. After investigating more, he runs across the SA-X and thinks it is Samus. He attacks, and surprisingly defeats the SA-X with his Shock Coil. After salvaging important information and special items from the BSL, he leaves, lying in wait for Samus to leave. After she leaves, however, Sylux chases her into the area where Zebes used to be. Samus, seeing how Zebes is her only hope of escape, lands there, only to find out it has been completely rebuilt by something so strong she can’t even imagine it…

they rebuilt a whole planet?!


The force that was able to rebuild the planet was much stronger and more dangerous than anything Samus had faced before, including the Metroids. More story!

After Samus had investigated Zebes more thoroughly, she knew that whatever had been able to completely rebuild a whole planet would be deadly if harnessed by Space Pirates. Adam, seeing this, assigned her a mission- Find whatever was powerful enough to rebuild a planet and make sure that Space Pirates could not get it. However, Sylux had landed somewhere else on Zebes, making Samus’ mission incredibly dangerous…

i enjoy this, Zebes was one of my favorite planets

sound intriguing
if i can spell, i do not know

as for the super metroid remake, im not really sure about that
it was already such a wonderful game. cant really improve upon it
but i guess it would be nice to be able to play it legally <_<

The topic title made me think someone made Metroid with the Doom Engine.
…not a bad idea.

let’s do that instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ve actually seen something along those lines before…

Oh, and Samus overcomes her Metroid DNA and, using part of her old Varia suit, rebuilds the Power Suit that we all know and love.

and that doesn’t seem cheap to you?

Kinda, but I have another explanation that’s even WORSE.

She “overcomes” her Metroid DNA? Elaborate.

yeah, that doesnt make much sense, how does one overcome DNA?

She could possibly force it out of herself by means of female ejaculate… But I don’t think Octo wants to go there.

I don’t understand how THAT is possible any more than I did before.