FREE Shooter Engine*

Nope, It’s not another spambot scam. Actually, I developed a simple mouse/aim shooter engine for those who are either too lazy to make their own, or don’t know how. The beauty of it is that my engine is extremely compatible and can be integrated into pretty much any game. I made a version for GameMaker lite and pro. The engine includes:

-4 directional movement.
-bullets are shot from character towards the mouse.
-a simple survival mode AI for enemies.
-A very small power-up system.
-No scripting used, thus allowing full integration compatibility.
-Basic sound effects

All these could be improved on withought having to destroy any existing programming.



Details now in first post.

i couldve used this awhile :3

too bad im on C++ now xD

well, at least I know that someone would have used it!

I made such an engine in VB6 a while back. Nothing came of it because the thought of coding an AI with pathfinding terrified me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work, anyway.

Quick question, say I want to have the character always face the mouse pointer. How would I go about doing that?

i’d tell you but i’d have to check my code

and im in class and dont have it