Free samus engine!

currently it should take about 2-3 weeks (most likely three due to the fact that I am currently working on another game outbreak) to put together a fully animated samus sprite (actually it is made of more than 60 sprites), that should help some eager young game makers out there. The first version will only include samus in the gravity suit, and basic abilities, with two followups coming shortly after it. I would like credit for the samus engine, but do not require any. any questions or comments are of course welcome. but please though, if you use the metroid engine, at least make sure that you know how to use game maker, because environments will not be immediately included.

outbreak withheld, here is what i managed to make of the engine so far in 3 days!…etroidstart.exe

WOOHOO cant wait! engine engine engine! (you see im very bad at programming in GM, so i need it really bad!)


please dont abandon this! i really need a side scrolling 2d space platformer engine =p

AH! Thank thee! Thou shalt go to thy credits!

If someone cannot put together something as simple as a Metroid engine in the first place, what is the chance of them being able to understand yours?

meh, game maker is actually pretty simple, but the time and effort involved in making all the different movements, putting together different sprites, etc. can kinda put people off. and the engine itself is basic, just drag and drop at the tile menus, and create scripts. if you have some nearly decent skill you can put little 2d cutscenes if you want to too. altogether it is actually about time and effort put into making your ideas coming to life, just look at game maker itself, it is not the raw format for making a game, but a simpler one to help you along.

Also, I’ve tried C++ and it is soo :confused:

Maybe with this I can start Paper Metroid up again :smiley:>
Thank you :^_^:

Shouldn’t Paper Metroid be turn based (If your going by Paper Mario that is)

Also, smartdude you should really ask for your name to be mentioned, but it’s your decision I guess.

Er, where is this engine? Is it not made yet? I haven’t really read the first post.

So when do you plan on geting this done? Just asking :wink:

dude…do u read posts?

I wouldn’t either… er, sometimes… NEVERMIND!!!

On topic: I’m looking forward to this engine, but if this is one of those “I’m gonna do this thing, and it’ll PWN ALL YOUR THINGS!” thing, then it doesn’t get done, I’ll be a sad, sad panda.

listen guys, is it really that hard to read the top post? I mean, it is only at the beginning of the page, and it is actually LESS effort to read that and have an answer, than to type up a question about when it will get finished. Also I am sad to say that it is being delayed by the game that I want to work on, and due to the fact that my game comes before the engine, that is tough luck for ya, and please dont whine, or send nasty posts, because I have not said it will be the best engine ever, or is the best thing ever, I was simply doing it for YOU! If you do not like how I am working on the game engine, or think I should do it first, then go ahead and find someone else who has made one (and other people have!), but best yet, simply make your own engine, as it will help you later on in making the actual game you want to make. I also do not mean to be rude with this post, in fact I respect you all very much for simply enjoying metroid, or any video game, but please, you have no room to speak when you are waiting for someone else to do something for you. I will let you all know when the demo for outbreak is released, and directly after that, I will begin working on the metroid engine, have a good day all of you! :smiley:

That post went well with your username, I must say.

Especially the part about people doing it themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

What is OutBreak, by the way?

Breakout backwards of course.

outbreak is a game that is actually not a fangame, but one that I want to make just to see what new things i can implement. I’m really sorry that the samus engine has to wait, but after im done with the outbreak demo, you guys will be happy. outbreak wont take that long, so rather than tell you now, ill let you see it for yourself later (it is a 2d plat thou, intended to have full 3d rotatable weapon, good storyline like a metroid, all in all it will be like my last post about how i need help, even thou nobody offered to help at all, so rather than a metroid, the hell with it, i have to make an original all on my own :frowning: )…


so…I guess the engine will be nevermade

thats not true… he is almost done with outbreak demo.

sure…he said 2-3 weeks…almost 2 months passed