free 3-d graphics program?

Anyone know where i can find a decent 3-d graphics program (as in polygons)
If one exists that is free for download. Thanks.

yeah, i have been wondering about one myself as well, ima bump this so it might get answered.

For Game Maker?

you can shareware milkshape, then buy it for 20 dollars if u like the trial… its worth the money, IMO…

i know troid92 made a model maker…i suck at it :stuck_out_tongue:…i don’t know how it works with gm or any programs, but troid must its in the metroid prime phazon apcolypse…

AC3D is pretty easy to learn and it does alot of what the current professional programs do, but you’d have to fork up $60 for a full subscription (you can try it free for some time, just to see if you like it). Surprisingly that isn’t alot of money when you compare it to the 2+ grand for 3DS Max.

In short: 3D modelling isn’t really some little hobbie that you can just get a free program for. You need patience and practice, and, honestly, it isn’t that fun. I wouldn’t even consider getting ahold of a program unless you’re going to use it for a good reason. If not, well, you’ll probably get bored and waste alot of money.

Thanks for the advice, I was basically looking for one to make 3-d models i can convert into 2-d sprites for my games. But im not sure I want to fork up that much money for something I might not want after a few months. Thanks anyway, i might check out the free version though.

Jesus, deja vu…

Damn the “free” word dosen’t come up much in Game Deving much dosen’t it? Well if you (or anyone) are gonna get MilkShape don’t expect state-of-the-art models that they use today. Get 3DS Max, which almost every modders use except for one or two who use privately made plugins for their modelling program. Student Discount!!!

You could always try Blender.

Actually, theres a program called Anim8or that I downloaded that seems kinda promising. Im not sure exactly how to use it, but it see to have decent capabilities.

Butch, I thought Blender wasn’t free? And Red, I’m not familiar (actually never was aware of) Anim8or, so I wouldn’t have any comment on that program.

blender IS free… it also has an open source for you to download i think…

blender takes some time to get used to, with the unusual interface and all, but its an overall good program to get started on. I had it for a while, but im really crappy at modeling, so i uninstaled it =(

if you want to make 3-d models, try Google sketchup. there is to versions:the normal (free) and pro($495). i dont know whats the difference. its really simple.

I just found this website:…tionbuilder.htm
Absolutely awsome. Smartdude, knock yourself out. :slight_smile: