fox fans custom sprites

I’m working on a robotic cat and it will do various things like fly have boosters missles michine guns and more

any suggestions?

Yeah, you can sprite it, lol

yes the finished product will be a giant sprite sheet

We can’t suggest if we haven;t seen anything.

well good news I got this part done it’s not very deatailed YET bit it will be

You made that?

That looks really good and fluid! Nice work! I just cant wait untill its colored, and when it has MISSLES!

…Missiles? What the deuce…

yes and yes thanks for the comments

missles could be coming vary shortly

right now it’s running I also have walking and troting

also I have a bigger version of it

no detail of it yet that will be last MAYBE

just to let you guys know that the cat project is still going and progress is slow but steady :smiley:

Aw, such a cuuuute widddle kiiittttyyyy…

-58 has an intense love of felines.

I have fixed the frames on the robocat I just haven’t had time to animate it yet maybe over the break :smiley:

how cool would it be if I made samus varia suit with all of the pieces in her armor show plus with my arm cannan. for those who liked my arm cannon you will love the suit

here is the suit it’s still a prototype

so what do you think?

Oversaturated, oversized cannon, bright default Paint colors, no single color scheme, fluctuating outline…


I have a hard time believing that the godly animation above was created by someone with the same skill as who made … that. You didn’t by chance… steal someone else’s cat, and perhaps remove the details, re-animate it, and post THAT, did you? :>_>:

no I didn’t steal that I don’t steal sprites from other poaple

what part of proto did you get I know it has bugs in I’m still working on it

I just finished making in a day ago I haven’t added the color yet

If you believe that I steal it prove it

hmmm…it looks like the MZM GS sprite but resized, unless i’m blind :>_>:

I made the suit from sratch if you look at a front view of samus from metroid prime plus mzm’s samus doesn’t have all of that armor on her like metroid prime and if I resized a mzm’s samus sprite it would be realy messed up

true, ok i have 2 giv it 2 ya…the cannons 2 big, the legs are a little long, and all the colors are fucked up, thats about it i geuss…

I haven’t added the color yet I did that so the peices are different colors so I know what I’m painting from all of the pics I have used with this it’s highly accuate and I made the arm cannon wich is about over 2 years out of all the samus’s Ive seen this is the best

the arm cannon is HUGE, please resize it…thats all i’m gonna say.