Fourth year in Iraq?

Do you think we should pull out?

  • Ci. We are almost done anyways (Gov’t view)
  • Oui. We must stay the course (Republican view)
  • Non, we are going to lose this so might as well pull out now(Dem.)
  • No, we are losing zomgzerz! Zomgzerz Bush pull out!(Dem.)
  • We need to roll a 2D6 first before we can retreat dumbass… (Nerd)
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4th year of Iraq and people are dieing. Before you start voting, please note the pros and cons.
End war between Shittes and Sunnis
Killed Saddam
Killed ex-head of Al Qaeda.
-Cons (BIG!)-
We kinda started the war between Shiites and Sunnis indirectly…
What? No weps of mass destruction and didn’t kill Osama… but we killed Saddam… right…
Them radicals are so numerous they replace the head in a week
We are internationally hated

There are more, but don’t turn this into a

thread. I have a whole tirade about that and I will gladly PM it to you if I feel that you need it.

P.S. I gotta stop quoting Daz

I don’t know.

On the one hand, I think the war was started with good intentions, and it was a necessary thing.

I also think it’s gone on far too long.

But… we can’t just abandon it and give up. I mean, not only are there still people counting on our help, despite what the liberal propeganda would have you believe, but if we just quit, that would make the enemy view us as cowards–and cowards are a more likely target for another attack.

All I can say is this is gonna kill the US if they keep it up much longer.

i agree with daz. if we pull out it will get worse over there, and then iraq is screwed. no, we should stay at least until they have a good enough army to defend themselves.

How do you figure?

hmm… i would have to say keep the war up. the troop surge will help to speed things up, but, unfortunatly, the war was started because of 9/11, which Saddam had nothing to do with. i think the US was just looking for an excuse to get rid of a tyrant dictator.

why do you think this will kill the US if we keep it up? Britain did a troop surge and they were fine. US’s economy is way better than the UK’s anyway, so if we do the same thing, we should have no problem. the USA is the most powerful country in the world right now (not to say we wont have a fall, like previous superpowers before us). If we cant take care of some dumb terrorists, then what do we have to say for ourselves?

Now for my opinion :slight_smile:… I don’t have one :slight_smile:
I mean seriously, what can you say? Pull out? No way! Stay the course? No way! What we CAN do however, is build a time portal and go back…

This topic is made of fail and dumb.

First of all, the poll doesn’t even make sense.
First, you ask, should we pull out. Your options include “Yes, we shouldn’t” and “No, we should”
What the hell?

Second, the poll is biased as hell. “Omg wer dum demokritz” next to “We are the noble Republicans.”
Use the same grammar for all the options, plz?

Third, stop using joke options in serious polls.

Fourth, all of the listed pros and cons are either completely irrelevant, or wrong.
End war between Shittes and Sunnis - Um, false. If we pull out, they will continue to fight for control of the government, possibly even more violently. How the hell did this get put as a pro?
Killed Saddam - Irrelevant. “We’ve done what we came here to do” isn’t a valid argument, especially years after we accomplished it. Saddam was captured ages ago.
Killed ex-head of Al Qaeda. - See Saddam.
-Cons (BIG!)-
We kinda started the war between Shiites and Sunnis indirectly… - Ye-- no, wait. NO. War between rival religious groups (including those two) isn’t something new. They’ve hated each other for ages.
What? No weps of mass destruction and didn’t kill Osama… but we killed Saddam… right… - …So?
Them radicals are so numerous they replace the head in a week - Actually, that’s a valid point >_>
People are DIEING! ITS LIKE 'NAM! - Valid as well.
We are internationally hated - …and?


You had a good point until “would make the enemy view us as cowards–and cowards are a more likely target for another attack”.
There are a couple of things wrong with that. The first is rather simple. They don’t have room for hating/looking down upon Americans any more. We’re already the inferior evil tyrants of earth, and they don’t give a shit whether we’re scared or not, they want to kill us.
The second is less simple, but more obvious. It consists of the fact that they can’t attack us, if we’re not in their fucking country. Do you really think that if we leave, they’ll forget the war back home, and decide to go team up against us? Yes, it seems very likely that they’ll pick up their shattered houses, build a nuke, and launch it at us. There will be less attacks on americans if they can’t attack us. Counterintuitive, I know.


Yes. You hit the nail right on the head. The US will fall apart because of a few thousand casualties in some god-forsaken desert in the middle of nowhere.


Your post actually makes sense more than the others. But that part is a teensy bit off. You’re forgetting that they do have an army. That’s why they’re bombing the hell out of everything. The problem is that millions of people will die if we let them solve their problems just by fighting. The Sunni/Shiite conflict won’t be resolved by an army controlled by either of those sides. There has to either be an intermediate army (the US) or the two sides start slaughtering each other.

Hm, that’s basically it. HP, you had some minorly ambiguous statements, but nothing serious. As for my opinion, I think we should stay.
It’s really a lot more simple than people make it out to be. We are responsible for creating anarchy in Iraq, allowing all the little factions do duke it out amongst each other for control. The thing that most of them are probably waiting for is for us to leave, so they can start a real war. We have to stop that from happening. A lot of americans have this twisted mentality that somehow Americans are the most important people on earth. Save a few hundred American lives!! Well, the fact is, I’d much rather save a few million Muslim lives and leave a few hundred Americans dead than the other way around.

As a last note, you people make me sick.

Perhaps I was grasping at straws with the cowardice argument, but it made sense in my head at the time.

But that said, I disagree. What I meant was things like the WTC attacks. That was hardly in their country. :E

There was originally a whole rant against you Timaster, but I’ll cut it short. You don’t like it, don’t post. No one wants some smart-ass telling him that he is wrong. Most of your reasoning isn’t even valid.

Cool it, SNIPER. Most of his reasoning is perfectly valid, and even if it wasn’t, IF YOU START A DEBATE TOPIC, PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO DEBATE.

Otherwise it’s just a baseless, useless one-sided propeganda thread with false illusions of discussion and choice. I mean, why even HAVE vote options that disagree with you if you’re going to blatantly attack anyone who doesn’t worship your opinion?


No one likes some smartass telling him to shut up, especially if he’s in the right.

Threads exist for discussion. You don’t like it, you don’t post.

Also, your poll options are complete bullshit.

Ok, I’m not going to insult Sniper’s poll options or anything, I’m just here to state my opinion. I think that we have to stay. It doesn’t matter if we don’t want to stay or not, because now we’re stuck. If we pull out, then we have just left a country in ruins for the vultures to divide into portions. Then another country will complain that they didn’t get a piece of the pie and go invading random countries, and say hello to World War 3. If we stay, we lose more troops, but we prevent even more worldwide losses. Personally, I blame Bush. Now don’t go saying stuff like “Shutup you F’ing democrat” because I’m not republican of democrat. I just think that Bush screwed us over by invading an innocent country that didn’t even do anything to us. Here is my interpretation of what happened. Bush was talking about making a war on terror, and I was for it, until he said that Iraq had WMDs with no hard evidence. Invading afhganistan, I can understand. That was retaliatory, but invading Iraq was wrong. So now we have to stay, or we run the risk of being shunned from the U.N. for leaving a country in shambles. We should wait until they have a stable government AND we can stop the fighting between the Shiites and the Sunnis.

Stop the fighting between the–

Haha, you should be in standup with stuff like that.

Man, religious conflicts like that are as old as faith itself. Enough people are always going to be too stupid to realize that not everyone has to agree with them for there to be peace.

That was hardly them. :[b][/b]E

Well, due to the fact that that same statement lacked reasoning altogether, I am afraid that you can’t judge my reasoning without risking a severe degree of hypocrisy =D

I didn’t say it was them. I said it’d give those who would do it an excuse to do it again. Maybe. It was just a theory. >_>;

Whether we’re occupying Iraq or not doesn’t affect people who aren’t in there, according to my law of unconditional hatred of America. (by the radical people)

I suppose it is a valid concern, but it doesn’t rank in the top 5 in my book. =3

We should completely pull out alot of people are dying cuz of the stupid war and they should (i think) already know that there are no reasons to keep this fight and killing up. :frowning:

Did I say he his opinion was not welcomed? I welcome his opinion that saving a lot of Muslims are WAY over saving a few Americans. But such things such as


really pissed me off. I was not aiming at his opinion but his unnecessary hate at my pros and cons, made to help people decide. And for the record, if it WAS biased, it would be biased towards Democrats, not dem GOPz

I would HOWEVER, disagree with Timaster’s negligence to anti-American views. International support was HIGH before Bush was went to war.

And I would like to know how my poll options “do not use the same grammar” and are “complete bullshit”

Well, for one thing.

“Yes, we should pull out, because we’re almost done”. If we’re almost done, why pull out and leave them to the last on their own? Why not finish it?

“Yes, we should pull out, because we should stay the course”–What does that even mean?

Then you have two “no, we’re going to lose” options for no reason-- And, er, wait, hold on there, WHAT?

“Should we pull out?” “No, we should pull out.”

Not only is that self-contradictory, but that means there is absolutely no choice in the poll besids “pull out”. What if we don’t agree with pulling out?

Then you have a stupidass “joke” one that has no place in a serious discussion and isn’t even close to being funny.

And it doesn’t have an “other” option even though your options don’t even come close to encompassing all of the possible responses.

That doesn’t have much to do with the decision to pull out, though. We’ve all been taught not to succumb to peer pressure, and losing support really shouldn’t be that important. It’d be hard for us to lose any more support whether we pull out or not.

As for your claims that I am a big meanie:

  1. Those quotes weren’t even from this topic.
  2. What I said in those quotes was, frankly, true.
  3. Yes. I am a big meanie.