flyinrooster's sprites and art

here are the samus sprites i’ve been working on, because i’ve become more and more interested in spriting. do not steal, although im not sure anyone would really want to. i also draw, and ill post some of them in the near future.
samus sprites:

the side view needs TONS of work and it looks really wierd, so yea…

Those are…really good. Although the lights on her shoulder pads need to be pushed up a little bit.

Are those edits?

thx. and i will do that, and no they aren’t. my friend gave me a pallette, and i made the sprites from scratch.

[edit] i really need to fix the feet for the front view tho, cuz they are too much off to the side.

wow those are pretty good.

Great work. For the side-facing sprite, add her other leg stepped back a bit. It will balance it out a bit more and make the image look better. :slight_smile:

front is good, side needs work

those are pretty good, although they are really unsaturated. The abdomine is supposed to be yellow, btw

yea i know the side needs work, and i migth edit the colors, but the colors are using the pallette, and i like them better, they are supposed to make samus look… “darker” in a way. thats why its like maroon for her helmet and not red.