Fly pentop computor

I have one, it’s awsome!!


it’s a little pen that does stuff like jot down notes and play piano and drums that you drew

sounds interesting and odd, got a link? :smiley:

Google for the win.

i got mine today, its so cool. I took these stickers and put them in my agenda and in stuff like that an when you tapp them they say the time

…wait…so does it act like a calculator?

…think it could read even my handwriting?

You know, I really want one of these >_>

This seems like the awesomest thing ever.

its cool but its $109.99 and it ONLY works with Fly pentop paper And…thats all i guess!

Lol. We actually got fly pentop advertisements on our milk cartons at school in the cafeterias! LOL!