Im not one to bag your guys efforts, not in any way. I give you alot of credit for undertaking such a grand project to turn Metroid Prime into a 2D game (Seeing how Metroid Prime was a large freggin game!!). Super Metroid is my absolute favorite game ever, so seeing you guys do all of this work makes me excited. I have to admit that I cant wait to see what your final project looks like!! When will it be done?!?!

All Im trying to say is that you guys should make the entire game look and feel as polished and professional as possible, to make sure that everything flows seamlessly. I was playing your two demos, and I noticed that Samus’ animation looked a bit stiff and rough (No Morph ball animation for Samus??). Your sprite work is absolutely phenominal and I give you guys major Kudos on accomplishing all of it (I espically like Meta Ridley and the Omega Pirate, very nice!!), but animating it stiff kind of ruins the whole illusion. The beams also appeared a bit cheesy, and for someone who has never played a Metroid game before will pass it off as something stupid. I wouldnt want to see that happen here, you guys obviously worked hard. All I played was your betas, so Im sure your final work will be twice as amazing.

Keep up the good work, you got another person all riled up for your release!!


Yeah, it is good so far. But to tell eveyone the truth, I
probably wont play it anyway. Dont take this the wrong way people.