Influenza acquired.

Have the flu. It sucks.


My mom and sister both had the flu, then they passed it onto me. It didnt fully work though. I started taking vitamins just before it started and I guess it fought it off cuz worst I got was a stuffy nose and sore throat.

I had the flu last year.

It gets worse:

It was on my birthday.

It gets worse:

It was a 4 day weekend, so I didn’t get to miss any school.

Yeah, that sucked.


It’s a good thing this is a Tuesday…

I had this occur over my Thanksgiving break. Except that it wasn’t my birthday.

But yeah, I missed an entire 5 day weekend. Pissed me off. Although, to be honest, I’m glad that it was during that time because if it hadn’t been I would’ve missed so much material in all my classes, not just my High School ones. Catching up on my college courses would’ve been a bitch. (I’m a running start student, i.e. I go to a community college even though I’m a high school student. Nice if you want your Associates degree before you even graduate from high school, but for me, I’m just taking a couple so I can get into the college I really want to go to).

Damn, that was a long parenthesis. I should just make that another paragraph, shouldn’t I?

Anyway, Yeah, that sucks, Phlake. Hope you get better soon.

College+missing class=DO NOT WANT.

And I think I’ll win in the “my immune system sucks” conversation =/
Had pneumonia at the age of three. or two. I don’t remember.
Had pneumonia three years straight, and then every other year after that… broke that streak about the last… four years now? Thankfully, my immune system is sucking less.
When I switched schools, it took less than two weeks after my first visit to the nurses office to have my name, face, and school number memorized.
Got the flu almost every damn year, the exception was last year. Already frickin’ got it this year >_< Like, Octoberish.

There’re a few strains, and it evolves pretty quickly! You might still get it this winter :3

I don’t get sick, btw <_<
If I do it’s like a headache and a fever of a few degrees, and nothing worse. The only times I’ve been sick enough to have to stay in bed in many years were when I stayed in a summer camp in Siberia with like 300 other people and little to no hygienic precautions.

Thanks, Tim.
I already had the “Lasts a day, but your stomach hurts like hell and you puke 2.5x your body weight throughout the night” variety… with my luck, I’ll get the “long, drawn-out, lasts a week and a half, which consists of headache, puking, nausea, muscle pains, and mild hallucinations” variety next.

That’s the variety I got the time before last. My girlfriend (when I still had one) was a bit concerned when we were talking and, after a short silence, I started giving a very long and in-depth answer to a question she never asked. And then asked how she got home so quickly if she can’t drive.

She hadn’t been at my house in at least two weeks <_<

And I will forever regret telling her about the psychotic dreams I had while I was sick. Bleacher trucks? Like, the bleachers you’d find in a school gym… yeah. Weirdass dreams.

I don’t have the flu, but I have some sick virus, and I feel like I’ve sweated ten pounds. I smell like salt and BO.