flipbook contest

metroid prime ass

my retarted flipbook

everybody makes a flipbook to do with metroid and others vote to see who is best

make a flipbookhere

I mostly made this out of boredom, (I might make another one for the contest) but…

Metroid Dissapearing Act

The symbols near the end spell my name (Meta Ing).

Samus’s armcannon shoots you. >_>;

Edit: I’m not going to submit this creation into this contest, though. I made this just to test out the program since I was bored.

troids is pretty good for someone who never used flipbook before

Bah. Flipbook. I use an animation program on my graphing calculator at school. I rule.

Metroid Missile

My metroid flipbook for the contest!

here is one i did for fun,it is not about metroid

lol that was completely random. like the head exploding thing though =P