Flash Stuff

Not sure if there was all ready a topic for Flash animation and interfaces …

Anyways. I would like critique on my latest Flash based interface, which is still not completed, thats why I would like feedback before I finish it.

This is not only the interface for axiondev.net, but it is also my final grade in my multimedia class that I am currently taking in college.

Flash Interface

The peice was started in Photoshop, rendered with some brushing and such, then moved to Macromedia Fireworks for basic interface design. It was then moved to Macromedia Flash for the final interface touches, converted to a Flash movie, and exported as an swf. I understand it needs a title, I am still working on the animation for that.

Feedback is appreciated, specially from you critics (Hint, Daz, hint). :stuck_out_tongue:

I will post some other Flash creations here as well, and anybody is free to do the same.

Edit : Oh, and I dont know why it is doing the weird thing, where each link you click gets louder … thats odd, I need to fix that.

This is awesome…

So … I take it you like the design of the interface, then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any comments, questions, constructive feedback?

Maybe some thoughs on how to do the title. Should I have it animate in, have like some kind of looped mouseover movement, or what?

It’d be awesome, if I could see anything.

  1. More contrast between stuff you need to see and background stuff
  2. A font that is not really painful to read

Sorry Ax, but I can’t be my usual harsh critic self on something that awesome.

Yeah, that font is pretty hard on the eyes. I will definately change that.

I guess I could make the content boxes more solid, and the links more solid …

And thank you Daz, that means alot to me.

When you click on the navigation button text it flashes while the mouse moves, and there are five whole breaks after the text on the bottom.

Yeah, major problems with it. Just enormous.

More seriously, everything just needs more contrast. The range goes from black to… gray. turns all the lights out in the room to read the text