flash professional 8

well, the topic says it all… ive seen, as all of you have, pretty awsome flash shit, and i want to make some stuff to =P

the only problem is… ZOMG 700 DOLLARS??? THAT IS SO EXPENSIVE1ONE!

yeah, i know, kind of like sniper’s thread (btw, where is that… cant find it)

Dude, last time I paid for any pc software was like 5 years ago…

Note for further replies:
DO NOT post links to roms, warez, p2p, serials or anything else, or its immediate ban!

are you saying that you can coughdownloadcough it somewhere?

Yeah. It’s easy as stealing candy from little children.

M’friend Got_Metroid “requested illegal software” a while back, a LONG while back, and he got suspended. Almost banned.

The point has been made clear I think… if you’re smart enough, you can get it.