Five-Eight's sprite thread

Well, I’ve posted several of my works in disjointed topics, I figure it’s time for me to make a whole thread for ALL of my stuff. So here it is.

And starting with my latest work…Me!

A spriterized version of my player from Halo 2. I rarely play, but when I do, this is what you’ll see: A Cobalt-armoured SPARTAN with a pink heart on his shoulder, and a sniper rifle. And that’s ALL you’ll see, because a moment later, you’ll be on your butt, and I’ll be a kill up. :wink:

Lol, not bad, that’s pretty good

That’s really good!

Thank you, Outsider. :slight_smile:

As for you, Animation Boy, you only get a “Thanks.” with no smiley. That’ll teach you to call my work “not bad”! :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, just kidding. I’ll update when I finish the other SPARTAN I’m working on…then maybe I’ll do an Elite.

thats quite good, quite good indeed

EDIT: although there could be a little better shading

Lol, wow, a smilie…I’m cool…

The sprite itself is good, and so is the shading, but it isn’t defined enough. I think it

would look superiorly shaded if you changed your “secondary color” to something a

shade or two darker.

There is no secondary colour. It’s all cobalt.

By secondary color, I mean the darker shade of cobalt.

Aahhhh…I’ll give that a try, thank you.

If the light source is in front of him, why do you have partial shadow in front of him?

Because real shadows are not perfect, ever, ever, ever, and I am attempting to imitate that.

Real shadows are perfect. The shadow is only the light being blocked by an object. If the light source is from the front, there would be nothing blocking that part of the ground from the light source.

I believe there may have been a missunderstanding, I DID screw up on the shadow under his feet.

But about the shadows on the SPARTAN itself, it’s not a perfectly smooth metal, so the shadows won’t be perfectly smooth.

It looks like master chief from Halo, is it supposed to be Master chief?

Anyway, looking sweeeet :mrgreen:

It is not Master Chief, but it is a SPARTAN of similar nature.