First Metroid

What as your first metroid game?

  • Metroid
  • Metroid 2
  • Super Metroid
  • Metroid Fusion
  • Metroid Zero Mission
  • Metroid Prime
  • Metroid Prime 2
  • Metroid Prime Hunters
  • Metroid Prime Pinball
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My first was metroid fusion.I got in my birthday the same i day i got my gameboy.That was a year after fusion came out.

mine was metroid two, although i had no idea of what it would be like before i got it at a used game store…

mine was metroid fusion i got it used with 100% lol but i really wanted to know who samus was cuz i had only seen her on smb :slight_smile:

Mine was Super Metroid.

My first Metroid game was Super. I enjoyed the game alot, even wasn’t
exactly a Metroid fan. if it wasn’t for SM I would have never gotten into the series.

Super; many, many years ago. I liked it a lot, but I don’t think I beat it at the time.

Then I forgot about Metroid until maybe a year after Prime came out, when my brother started renting it over and over. I hated it a ton, until he finally bought it and I decided to play it. Then I absolutely loved it and got really into Metroid. I replayed and beat Super, bought all the other Metroid games I could get my hands on, and joined Metroid forums on the internet (specifically SCU).

If it counts, SSB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Samus was awesome. So I tried investigating her games, downloaded Metroid 2, decided it was a Zelda spinoff because I misidentified Alpha Metroids as flying Ganon heads…

Downloaded M1, Picked up SM, liked them both to an extent. Then MP and MF came out, I had tons of money to burn, they both looked incredibly cool, so I picked up a GBA, GC, MF, and MP.

I was hooked ever since.

Super Metroid, the most awesome of them all.

Super Metroid. My brother had an SNES when I was 5 (or 4, don’t remember <_>) so I always had fun with that. Then, he went to college, and I was metroidless until around 10 years of age, when he introduced me to emulators. From there, it was SM → MP → MF → MZM → MP2 (or something like that)
Never really been into M1 and M2, and only played hunters once (online).

Depends. The first game I saw (brother bought) was Prime, the first I actually bought was Metroid 2.

Similar to Daz, Super Smash Bros. and Melee. Then I looked for her games and found Prime, which was awesome, and after that went OCD until I got all of them. By the way Daz, still think its a Zelda spinoff?

(P.S. How come in all of the videos of Brawl, we don’t actually get to see Zero-Suit Samus DO something with her Stun Gun/whip?)

i first played a demo of prime at target. i couldnt find out how to open the second force field(in the beginning, you know) but i still loved it. so i decided to get my mom and dad to get it for me with a gc. i was like 12 at the time so.

I found Super Metroid on Display at Sears >_>;;

MP/2 Demo. XD
Then I proceeded to get the Classic NES metroid for the GBA.
(Waaaaste…) :confused:

Had a good time with those two demos and I like just wandering around on Metroid 1.
Since I’ve already beat it under an hour wandering is just about the only thing else to do. XD

metroid prime was my first game. after i saw my friend play it. i was so extatic!! when i finally bought the game i got stuck immediaately after.:smiley::D:D(i was 9 when i bought the game). :metroid:

prime was my first.
Metroid Primes final form music kick major ass

Did that post really warrant a 3 month bump…?

heres primes final boss:…rCuDPRPAc.shtml

First was Super Smash, then Melee. I didn’t have a Gamecube then (wanted but couldn’t afford until it was $99.99) I thought Samus was a “meh” character like Ness, until Metroid Prime and Fusion were all over my Nintendo Power magazines. I read the reviews and strategies in it, and I loved it.

One day I went to KMart and found Fusion on display. Yeah, I stood there and played it for like, an hour. -_-

So my best friend surprised me on my 11th birthday and got me Fusion. His sister bought Prime the day it came out, played it once and never again, so I “borrowed” that for a year or two until I gave it back and got Prime 2.

Yeah, so it was Fusion if you don’t count SSB. -__-

… That’s possibly the most bewildering post I’ve ever seen.

Why did you post that? >_>