Finish quickly

nintendo thinks that they can blow the audience out with their new game or they are working on it. you guys are taking to long on this you need to recruit more people. whether the sprite isnt good or not. but at least make it better. i mean come on you’ve worked on this too long you should recruit more people. by the time you guys are don they are going to have “Metroid recall past”…oops! did i just say that nvm that you didnt hear it. But you guys should have finished it by now.

We have lives. We are amateur unpaid workers. We are poorly coordinated via internet forums. We insist on perfection. We’ll get done when we damn well please. :slight_smile:

That isn’t true, I’d be pleased if we had the demo finished by year’s end.


Well, yeah, but he seems to mean the full game >_>

Hey have you ever made a fan game rez? No? Didn’t think so. Official games take YEARS to finish. A fan game takes the same time PLUS the time you sort out confusions (because your only link is the forums) and the time with old software (MS Paint to sprite? WTF? MACROMEDIA FLASH MX2004 FTW!!!). Also, this isn’t their real job so they don’t work on this everyday like the people who make games for peanuts do it.


Paint has all you need: the pencil tool, and over a million colors. It’s perfect for 16-bit sprites.

You’re right about everything else, though. :smiley:>

No one needs to rush, rushing make thing less interesting and junkie like the action replay for DS and all team member on P2D take your time I’m not impatient. Continue doing a good job on what you have and will have in the future.

It’s not just ‘all you need’. Paint is THE program for spriting. :slight_smile:

I use paint and then paint shop pro to fix the sprite.

I use paint, and then I use Paint to fix the sprite. :smiley:

Hey why won’t you try making a perfect fangame.It is not as easy at it looks or sounds.

instead of telling us what is being done on the p2d demo you could show us pictures of the updated stuff on the demo becouse some peaple might think it not going to happen myself have some douts but it just might happen

You could always just play the demo… <_<

I think many people are missing the demo becuase they don’t know that there’s an P2D website. I think they think there’s only a forum…

There IS a demo topic in the idea/comments section.

Well if I overlooked it, then I’m pretty sure others would too. And if you mean the unofficial build demo topic, then I think most n00bs would think that that meant the demo is still in progress. Which it is… the Frigate demo, at least…

u said that last year XD

That post happened last year. December 2005 come before January 1…

And I wasn’t pleased.

It is true though. Being coordinated through internet forums is difficult. But if you want, i could recruit some people from Mabye if we had a real life office…naa, that wouldnt work. Were from friggin different parts of the world. We dont all use AIM, or MSN, but mabye we could have a chatroom on the site, for live work??? That’d be easier to give assignments, and check progress.