Finally beat Echoes!

Well last weekend I finally got around to playing Echoes again and I beat the game for the first time with 91% completion and in under 10 hours <.< and is it just me or was the chykka battle music awesome =3

Also Quadraxis was awesome but surprisingly easy o.0 the Emperor Ing was a b1tch to beat and Dark Samus’s final form was annoying <.<

Chykka adult music

Yes, it’s fricken awsome.

That’s a decent time for no guide.

Quadraxis was suprisingly boring. Emperor ING, was sort of repetitive.

And Dark samus was a HUGE LETDOWN, compared to the first two fights.

I loved Quads design but I hated the battle <.< it was so annoying and repetitive I mean constantly having to change to the echo visor in order to lock onto the sonic emiters <.<

Yeah playing without a guide was fairly difficult but I’m not sure if it would have helped my time any. I only used a walk through for the Fortress and getting the Sky Temple keys because I got lost xD

You can download the hole soundtracks at Galbadia Hotel