Final Fantasy IV DS!

A full redux of FF4 in 3D is coming out … no idea when, but it’s in the same style as 3DS, which was damn awesome.

Sure, FF4 already got remade 3 times, but seeing as the SNES one had terrible translation, the PS1 one had horrid loading times, and the GBA one was glitched as hell, I wouldn’t mind a fixed copy, especially another portable one–and the 3D-ness is just icing on the cake.

And they finally fixed Cecil’s magic shapeshifting helmet. That’s always a plus.


well my friend has me under the assumption that ff3 for DS is good so no reason why ff4 should be any worse

That’s interesting. I played through the GBA version. Got all the way up to the last save spot before Zeromus. I saved. I turned it off to go do something. I came back. I turned it on. The file was erased, on its own, with no help from me. I was mildly upset.

A DS version is neat, but until I get a new DS to replace the one that I had before I won’t be able to play it. The top screen got fried in the heat where I live. Everything else works perfectly…except the top screen doesn’t show anything except its meltedness. And of course, the one thing NOT covered in the warranty, is the screen. Jerks.

(P.S. If you have multiple personalities, and you kill yourself, is it homicide or suicide? Or perhaps…both…)