Final Fantasy III DS

here is what i was thinking, we need to post friend codes for final fantasy 3 and setup special dates to mail (or just say a time so we can get it over with)

my friend code is 2706-6761-0009

if anyone else would like to submit a friend code of thier’s then it would help us unlock the extra job(s), dungeon, and ultimate weapons and such.

also, if you have anything else to put relative to ff3 (current party and such), feel free to share if you would like to

(i varry between 2 sages, a dragoon, and a dark knight, and replacing a single sage with a knight)

A general FF3 topic would be better, methinks.

Me, I just reached the last dungeon, cleared out Eureka, got all the optional summons, and am about ready to take on Xande… I tried before, beat Xande with some difficulty but got horribly raped by Cloud. So I went out to level and get the legendary weapons 'n stuff first…


yeah, the whole not saving thing piles up on you in the end

what is your party?

right now i am sticking with

dark knight

so that if a healer dies, i can keep up the healing to keep party wipes away (enemy casts meteor after killing a healer)

once i make my characters the best they can be, i think i will change a sage to the onion knight of course, though i was thinking about changing the dragoon to a knight for the excalibur sword, i really have gotten too far on him to simply change him now.

also, i have been using the setting time ahead thing, and now that i have gone in a full circle (round clock), i cannot mail for 24 hours im guessing.

what is your party?

also my friend code is 2706-6761-0009

Yeah, I was gonna stick with my dragoon (level 69 vs 16 in knight), but both Ragnarok and Excalibur changed my mind.

I use a Ninja, Summoner, Devout, and Knight, but I might change the summoner to a Sage if I keep having this much trouble with Cloud.

you found where they sell the throwing items for the ninja right?

i dont think im going to get the knight, i am using ragnarok on dark knight, and though he would have a good attack of 262, he cant use the crystal armor apparently :frowning:

i havn’t found much use for summoning, i have the summon spell for my sage for the highest summon, and it is okay, though i only have 3 or 4 points for lvl 8 magic.

Leviathan and Bahamut’re nice because they’re non-reflectable and non-elemental, so you’ll never end up hurting yourself or healing the enemy. The lower level ones are comparable in damage to all enemies to black spells on one enemy. They’re powerful as heck, so of course there’re few points for them.

And yeah, in fact, I just headed back about ten seconds ago to buy some more after looting some dungeons for cash. Shurikens win. :3

i used the ninja in previous ones, so i will skip him on this one.

i did however notice how this one didn’t have nearly the depth as others in the series, sadly enough.

right now i am grinding on red dragons (they are so frickin tough!), so i can get onion knight armor, and exp and job levels at same time.

…apple pie…

Haven’t fought any reds, but I did fight one Yellow Dragon on the way up to Xande, and he was even harder than the big man himself… X_X

the reds will most likely kill you then, and god forbid you fight the iron golem early (any level before max)

also, you might switch to all onion knights at some point, since they can use lvl 1-8 magic as well as being very powerful.