Fight With Meta-Ridley

:smiley: Hi there! I dropped by here because I wanted to offer a MIDI that I think anyone can recognize:

Fight with Meta-Ridley

I hope you accept it ^_^.

EDIT: Made an error while typing the source address for the MIDI.

Fisrt of all, the MIDI link is broke like you already pointed out (thanks for fixing the link :sweat: :unamused: ) Also, the P2D team ain’t using other ppl’s MIDIs. They are making there own. Finally, the team’s MIDI will probably come out better than what you “linked” us to anyway. :wink:

Odd, I -did- fix it… Well, I did it again, and the link seems to work. You have to choose a download type first though, but it’s okay to just choose “Free” at the bottom of the page. After choosing “Free”, the next page has the file ready for download, again, at the bottom of the page. It’s the only file host site that I found to be appropriate, so… yeah. :blush:

And though yes, I have no doubt the very team is doing the MIDI’s themselves, I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to help out. It’s pretty good, mind you :smiley:. Have a listen! I tested out the link this time, so it should work…

… Sounds just like one on VGMusic… only a bit worse… clashy…

O_o Okay… :confused:

Ah well, doesn’t matter. I was just trying to be nice. :wink:

dazzy sucks huh?

*hauls ass!!! :O_O: *

um…and no, dazzy is the explosive form of order.

umm, Knuckles. Why did you revive this topic? It is over a year old.

No wonder the link is broken…

Alright… well… taking bets, who wants to bet this topic will close in a day? We have $10 over here!

…Yes, I was joking about the bets…

I would advise not posting here anymore dude. Mods nor admins will like it. 15$ here :smiley:

$230 says it won’t be locked for two days. :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue:

i know hehe i saw this topic a year ago ,it bugged me but i was thinking in join the forum one day so i didnt said anything , but now that im getting out of here cuz of the school i tough… what a hell, lets see if the topic its still there XD

$10 here

I’ll take that bet.