Federation Storyline Idea

Would you play a Galactic Federation storyline?

  • Um…Wouldn’t be playing samus and using cheap pirate upgrades **** no.
  • Meh. Could be worth it
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Having only seen the various vids for Echoes I am aware that the Feds suck. Then again they’re up against the Ing (I’ve played the demo) sigh. But I have a notion for a fanfic. Somewhat inspired by Haloid and its creator (he’s awesome)
It would predate Super Metroid Chronologically. Samus Aran, who was given the Chozo Technology in her suit after some study of it, has made a discovery on the energy source and basis for the ancient’s ways. With a little bit of incentive the Federation manages to convince Aran to give them the information. Though her development is primitive in comparison to the Chozo’s she accepts. (This is sort of where the notion of Lieutenant Cobalt comes from) Years later her discovery allows an upgrade in Federation Technology. (Would follow sometime after Metroid Prime and between MP2 Echoes). A research team has done what the pirates have only hoped to do, they have successfully duplicated Samus’ base suit (Charge Beam, Morph Ball, MBB) and the capability to adapt with upgrades. A further development prieviously used by the Hunter, Speed Boost, has been developed as beta technology and is being tested by their lead subject, code named HG (Mercury). Up to their usual business the Space Pirates manage to kidnap Hg, hoping to analyze the Federal design on the Hunter’s gear. Hg begins an epic combat against Aran’s oldest enemies, setting off a distress beacon in hopes of summoning the real thing. Aran, having left Tallon IV picks up the signal and heads to the space station aboard which Hg struggles to remain alive. Upon arriving Samus discoveres that the Space pirates have adapted the ice and wave beams, creating a sort of paralyzing beam, calling it the Mercury beam after having intercepted Frederal transmissions to Hg. (In hopes of catching him) Hg meanwhile has escaped into the vents, only to find that the space pirates are yet again transporting Metroids.

–a transmission finally reaches Federation hq where the speed boost development has finally been completed and installed into their beta soldier Cobalt. Though he is only an LT he showed impressive combative prowess against a rogue Space Pirate station and receieved his merit. Aran as usual, looses her upgrade aboard the station, as does Hg. Cobalt (Co) makes his appearance and soon recovers the dead Hg, (slain by metroids) Returning to the station he and Aran find and recover her techs (from MP) and gang up to destroy the dangerous cargo of metroids.
Co (only having the base components plus speed boost,-giving Aran her property) gets ahold of the inferior pirate clones along the way. As the station detonates Aran heads on her on path, Co returning to Federation Hq, but is hit by the commanding pirate officer, loosing control of his ship. The crash nearly killing him, Lt Cobalt bearly manages to hand over the files on the pirate technology–

Wow…sorry its longwinded and should be edited but yeah, essentially the notion is just the Federation duplicating the Chozo Tech. The other stuff was an in the moment attempt. Any thoughts?

They learn to recreate partial Samus tech in Fusion and no sooner.

The pirates made beam troopers in Prime 1…
Then lost them. It makes sense that the Feds could loose things, too.

The troopers sucked, though. All of their beams had the effect of the power beam. All it really did was make them weak to a random gun. >_> Why bother when they can just use normal troopers?

And Samus decimated their forces there, so I doubt they got the word out.

Plus Super kinda had plasma troopers. Their exoskeletons were red and only the plasma beam could hurt them… >_> And their guns kinda looked like the plasma beam… and Zero’s couldn’t be hurt by anything but plasma, too, and they were also red.

so f***ing what…It would be a B.A. game if it stayed consistant

err, what?
In these here forums, we make sense.

Well, most of the time, PY. Remember the metroid topic? :wink:

Anyway, I like the storyline, but yeah, as Daz sort of implied, make the timeline after Fusion. That might work, but you’d have to revamp a couple of plotlines that would turn into plotholes.

Hmm, true enough.

(I still don’t know what he said <_<;)