Out of ALL the Metroid games what’s ur fav character or enemy? It could be a boss, enemy, whatever. Explain why you like this particular thing also.

Mine would have to be Dark Samus, mostly because she looks cool, and second because she uses PHAZON! Im a PHAZON PHREAK! :astonished:

Oh…I’d have to say the SA-X, because the Varia Suit is just cool. Not as cool as the Fusion Gravity Suit, though, that thing rocks! :smiley:

Meta-Ridley (from MP). ridley was already the best frickin character alive, but like that he rocks!!! ridley is in almost all of the games anyway, so he is EVEN better from that too.

Zoomer. >_> <_< :slight_smile:

I meant Dark Samus.

Metroids are awsome especially hunter metroids they are pretty awsome. imagine a phazon mutated queen metroid pretty cool.

OR A PHAZON MUTATED METROID PRIME…(awkward silence)…nvm…

As of MPH, Kanden.

Who is Kanden?

t3h Almost Official MPH Discussion Topic!!

Noxus. Nuff said. :smiley:

Shinobi, Kanden is one of the playable characters in Hunters. He looks like the baby of Amorbis, Charade, and the Tin Man. He’s some kind of crazy genetically engineered bioweapon or something.

Oh yeah. That dude. I saw him on the official site but then forgot about him.


If you can’t guess, its sad…

Kay, but try to refrain from using mass :metroid: in one post. It’s an unwritten rule because they animate and cause mass lag.

Maybe it should be added to the official rules topic.

NIGHTMARE, Noxus and Samus in her Lightsuit:D

I say baby sheegoth, I want to ride on one :smiley:

I want to ride on a metroid. :^_^:

:wink: nice!

Not sure bout anyone else but that sounded very homo

Thank you. :whack:
Homo as a prefix means same.