Favourite dbz character?

What is your fave dbz char(can choose 2)

  • Broly(any form)
  • Vegeta(any form)
  • Goku(any form)
  • Gohan(any form)
  • #18
  • #17
  • #16
  • #13
  • #15
  • #14
  • #20
  • #19
  • Sin Shenlong(Omega Shenron)
  • Majin vegeta
  • Buu(any form)
  • Baby(any form)
  • Pan
  • Goten(any form)
  • Super 17
  • Gogeta(any form)
  • Vegetto(any form)
  • Teninshan
  • Yamcha
  • Gotenks(any form)
  • Trunks(any form)
  • other…
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MY fav is Broly cuz he is just like me…almost lol :sweat:
Now tell me who your favourite dbz character is… :smiley:

P.S: I wanted to put more choices vut I can only put 25…

You did NOT just forget piccolo and Krillin on that poll.

Freiza and cell? You named the mostt obscure androids, but not them?

Piccolo’s prolly my fave. Super buu, and perfect cell are cool too.

:angry: I kinda forgot about them>_> :sweat:

What is this doing in General Metroid Discussion? moves

Thanks I was going to pm about it cuz I did’t notice where I put it. :sweat:
Also how do you edit polls. :confused:

At the top of the poll on the right there should be [color=9f9f9f][ Edit [color=9f9f9f]] and [color=9f9f9f][ Delete [color=9f9f9f]] links, below the add reply, new topic, and new poll buttons.