Favorite visor

What is your favorite visor

  • combat visor
  • scan visor
  • thermal visor
  • x-ray visor
  • dark visor
  • echo visor
  • Other (if it exist)
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I like the echo visor most

Echo Visor was a novel idea, but horrible implementation. I have trouble seeing in it. Though it still can lock onto those pesky Rezbits.

I like x-ray visor the best. It was cool, it was original, and it was easy to see through

No. X-ray visor was not even close to original. That doesn’t mean it’s bad though.

I meant its original for retro to think of it, thats all

There was already an Echo Visor in Super Metroid. :whack:

You mean X-ray visor? you said Echoes visor :confused:

:blush: :shoots self in head: :cry:

eh… i’d go with thermal, made it a heck of a lot easier to see during that whole lab sequence, other than that, and the scan and combat visors, i didnt really use the other visors alot.

I finally decided to vote Scan Visor.
:puts on flame retardent suit and dives into a pool:

Um, no he said Echo Visor…

Does it really matter?

the echo visor is like so awesome bcause it adds a challenge to the game
u need to look for moving objects that give off vibrations and u can also see hidden things
it also helps the scan visor because i allows u too see hidden scan targets :astonished:

Hidden scan targets? All scan targets change colors… :whack:

x-ray visor is the best

but when you think about it the thermo visor and the x-ray visor are the same kind

then again themo picks up heat where as x-ray looks at the cracks in the walls and things like that

How does X-ray Visor pick up cracks in the walls? It’s just meh.

X-ray can go through a solid area the same is with the thermo visor but the only thing with the thermo visor is it picks up heat signatures now do you get it

Punctuation. Punctuation. Punctuation.
X-ray visors should not be able to pick up cracks in the wall. I didn’t ask the difference between the X-ray visor and Thermal visor. Perhaps next time you could actually bother to read my post. Especially the punctuation part.

X-RAY you can see holes in the wall

THERMO u see through the wall if you havent noticed in Metroid prime 1

There is no logical ways that X-ray vision would see through walls. In real life, if you took an x-ray of a wall you wouldn’t see through it…