Favorite Suit

Whats your Fav Samus Suit?

  • Zero Suit
  • Power Suit
  • Varia Suit
  • Gravity Suit
  • Phazon Suit
  • Dark Suit
  • Light Suit
  • Fusion Suit
  • PED Suit
  • Hazard Shield
  • Other
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I put the others in cased i missed any. Sorry but those are all the suits i know.

I think we already had a topic for this, but mabye not.

I think the the PED suit is the only one you missed (but it couldnt possibly be anyones fave suit >_<, its ugly).

Phazon suit. Its the most badass. The dark suit is second.

Yeah, but it’s from almost two years ago. There’s no way you could bump that with anything useful to add, so I guess we’ll see what the current opinions are in this one and watch it fall into the depths of the board where the other unoriginal topics are.

I voted Phazon Suit.

I dunno why but i just like the light suit

phazon suit all the way =]

Zero FTW :E

How Many Metroid games have you played?

Or do you just like it for T & A?

Varia Suit for me. Not Super’s or Echoes’ though. Blech >_<

Phazon suit FTW =3

And that’s why the Zero Suit is the worst thing to happen to Metroid ever.

Light Suit for me, by the way. Just don’t as me how the light and dark suits change the shape of her actual suit. Varia does it too, but to a lesser extent. Or maybe it just seems that way because the colors stay the same.

what’s a zero suit?


I hope you werent serious. You’ve been here for at least a year, so you should know what the zero suit is.

I don’t like the Light suit though. It’s TOO feminine in a bad way. The dark suit is fricken awsome though. The colors are good, and I love the shape.

It was never actually called “Zero Suit” until SSBB.

It wasn’t? Meh, come to think of it, it never was. It just seems like it’s always been called that though. I guess not.

Srry HP. It’s the sexy one.

If you’re into Barbie dolls. <_<

Varia suit from Prime. Sooo shiny.

Usefulness-wise? Gravity Suit. If there’s one thing I can’t stand in video games, it’s water hindering my progress

For appearance? Varia Suit. All the other suits are kinda ugly compared to it IMO.

Added the PED suit to the poll options, by the way.

I dont mind barbie dolls actually. Most of the girls at my school are barbies, so I have to like them. Though they did go overboard on the barbie effect.

BTW, I think that the PED suit is the last one. There’s no reason for an “other” unless you want to include the Zoomer suit or something.

No, I mean literally. I’m sure the girls at your school look human, not plastic.