Favorite series

What is your favorite series?

  • Metroid series
  • Kirby series
  • Mario series
  • Zelda series
  • Other
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Whats your favorite? mine Metroid and kirby

NOTHING beats mario.

metroid pwns!

zelda.always has been.

As far as Nintendo goes, Metroid’s always been my favorite. From other companies, I’ve been into the Sonic 2D games (haven’t really played since the 3D games came out), and then Rayman’s been one of my biggest favs ever since I got a hold of the PC version of R1 in 1995. For being someone who loves platformers, I actually never gained interest in Mario. :sweat: The only Mario game I actually LIKED was Super Mario 64.

Metroid is awsome! But star wars is awsome to!

More of metroid for me! :slight_smile:

star wars! republic commando! best game! love it! :smiley:

Out of those, probably Zelda.

EVERYTHING EXCEPT FOR KIRBY! Outside of Big N’ I would say Half-Life gets my interest, as well as GUild Wars and Elder’s Scroll. Outside of VGs would be Star Wars, Gundam Wing, and Naruto
And speaking of Naruto, I still haven’t downloaded this weeks new episode…



wait… there was halo in there? oh wait, no there wasnt.

anyway, 2nd fav on that list would prolly be Mario.

ya halo is not there but there is other

I’d have to say metroid, but I like Zelda and Sonic too.

y nobody like kirby? :confused: ?

I like kirby, heck when I was 5 I got my hands on kirby 64 and didn’t leave the TV till 5 in the morning. in other words I snuck out of be just to play it!

mario, metroid, zelda.

out of ninty would be:


hooray for kirby and metroid! HUZZAH! (i luv Halo)