Favorite Misc. Item

Screw Attack

Maru Mari, because not only does it have an awesome name, but the Morph Ball rocks.

Screw attack is the absolute coolest item. End of discussion.

I don’t think so. If it really was the end of discussion this topic would already be locked.
Go Maru Mari!

go screwy, go screwy, go screwy etc. ect. ect…

Screw Attack is the best.

and what’s maru mari?

Okay dude, do you actually take that literally? Thats pretty sad…

As to the matter about Maru Mari, it’s morph ball

Thank you. :angry: I was only refuting your comment.

best misc would have to be the screw attack

but the thing is why do they keep changing the graphics on the attack why dont they keep the same screw attack from super metroid

Again, punctuation is your friend.
The graphics aren’t that different…

ok then metroid fusion the screw attack looks like shit where as in super metroid it actually looks like she is spinning around

There’s no need to force your opinion on others.

that not forcing my opinion i just saying it would look better

Screw attack and the speed booster THEY rock !!!

Screw attack kills anything! It’s the best. And votes show it! :wink:

This was a senseless bump, especially considering there already is an old topic.

speed boster and grapple beam are the best

whats withyou dorks and the screw attack? :metroid:

Never mind, I forgot speed booster. That is by far my favorite. (but the sa-x’s screw attack is cool)