Favorite Metroid enemy

WHats your Favoorite Metroid series enemy?

  • Aqua Pirate
  • Space Pirate
  • Metroid
  • X Parasite (=
  • Zoomer
  • Skultera \
  • Mochtroid
  • Hoarnoad
  • Ripper
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There will be more later on.
My favorite has to be the X Parasite(man, so cool)

OOps, sorry if the pictures dont show up, i gotta learn how to fix that.

Edit, don’t double post. I voted Metroid 'cause I’m rather partial to getting my brains sucked out.

You can’t put pictures in a poll, and this is a stupid topic to have a poll for anyway, as there’s wayyyy more than ten enemise total…

In any case, Pirate Commandos > j00.

And Aqua Pirates are Space Pirates… right?

Yea, Aqua Pirates ARE space pirates, just infected by X PArasties to make them look like fish.
Yea, this WAS a stupid idea.
No, I DIDNT know I couldnt put pictures in polls, and yes, that also is stupid.
No offense.

Aqua Pirates are infected with X Parasites?

lmao, they arent infected with x parasites. If they were infected with x parasites, the scan visor would pick it up. Thus it would make Samus actually know what an x parasite is in Fusion

Like I thought. They’re just in different armor, right?

i would have to say the boss that give back you garvity suit in zero mission i cant remeber his name

someone tell me what was the hardest enemy that you have versed in thye whole metroid series of games

  • don’t double post
  • learn how to spell
  • mother brain 15% hard in Zero Mission :sweat:

Mother Brain :laughing:


Which Ridley?

ridley is the best enemy 8)

oops thats the problem when you can type fast i would have to say that the mother brain in super metroid

Id Have to say that the hardest metroid enemy would be Arachnoid, the big spider from Fusion.
If you dont know hwhere to go to stay alive, hell kill so really quickly.

that true because the further you the more damage you take from the enemy and the spider boss is the hardest to face

This is the favorite enemy topic, not the hardest enemy topic.
And Mowat: Punctuation.
The best enemy is definitely the Zoomer. i cant beleev i alwais dy frum hiz spiks!