Favorite Brawl Character!

Mine’s Ike… :slight_smile: Aether kicks ass.

Pit all the frickin’ way.

I gotta say Meta knight, I’ve always liked kirby, and when Meta knight finally became playable I jumped all over the opportunity

<<<<<Do I really need to say anything else?
<<<Him, Pit, Meta Knight, Link, Toon Link.

Samus used to be my top, but lets face it: The Zero Lazer and Zero Suit suck.

The Zero Suit rocks my face, and Meta Knight sucks.
What are you all smoking.

What Tim Said. As for mine, Samus then Fox. After that, I dunno. Anyone except Captain Falcon. Every time I hear “Falcon Puuunch@” I want to scream.

First is Sheik, then Samus, Rob, and Link are all tied. I can also use lucario, marth, and Ike fairly well, and I’m getting better with jiggly and pikachu. Every one else is pretty much just occasional dabbling.
I’m going to master Captain Falcon, just because everyone hates him so much.

1: ZS Samus
2: Toon Link
3: Wario
4: Samus
5: Wolf

Marth, Samus, Link, Rob and Caption Falcon.

Toon Link.

Samus, Sonic, and Snake. :stuck_out_tongue: well I can pwn with all the characters (who can’t?) but I prefer Samus or Sonic.

Nothing, you?

Well…my opinion still stands that ZS Samus sucks.

Actually I kinda like him. And if you know how to use him, he’s a beast.

Well, I don’t think it was that you said ZS Samus sucks, it was that you stated it as fact…I know that I’m actually quite good as ZS Samus. Just like other characters, it just takes that right type of skill and style you like to play as her. For instance, you own as Meta Knight, Pit, and the others you named off. I can’t play with them, and thus, I use other characters, specifically fast ones like ZS Samus, Fox, Sonic, etc.

It’s all based on style and opinion. Try not to state something so that it may be interpreted as fact.

By order I’m best with:

ZS Samus is a very good character because of her flexibility and speed.Even if she is very light.

from what i’ve played, captain falcon is still going to be my main.
falcon punch for epic win.

Eh, I’m not so good with Zero Samus either. Her moves seem weird to me, and her hits appear to be lighter than Sheik’s <_<

Meta Knight

Gannondorf also Pwns.
ZS Samus is partially a shiek clone, particularly in A button moves.
Anyways, I got an idea about saves.
If you happen to have everything:
1-Wth you play the game to much.
2-save to an SD card, and post it, so others can download and use (if they are to lazy to get it themselves).
I’m not going to download it, but I’m sure some people want to.

Edit: OMG! Since when did I get 100 posts? wow…

Metaknight all the way.

Marth is good well that’s to say I’m great with him…